10 Home Remedies for Dry Hair

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Dry hair is the most common problem that people suffer from and this is a problem that is very irritating and at the same time embarrassing. There are many few people in this world who do not face this problem. People with dry hair can try out the 10 home remedies for dry hair in order to keep the problem in check. It is majorly the lack of moisture in the hair scalp that causes dry hair and it is always useful to try out the home remedies available for dry hair that can provide the hair with the moisture that it requires. The home remedies are described below.

1. Egg


The yolk and the white of the egg can be used as two different products on the hair. The hair can be washed and then massaged with the use of creamy yolk with water and the whipped white portion of the egg. This mixture can also be used in massaging the scalp for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

2. Mayonnaise oil

Mayonnaise oil

Mayonnaise oil can be applied directly on the hair and then left for at least fifteen minutes and then the hair should be rinsed thoroughly for the glowing effect.

3. Mashed avocado and banana

Mashed avocado and banana

Ripened banana can be mashed with rotten avocado and can be applied on hair for twenty minutes which would bring back the lost quality of the hair after rinsing the mixture off.

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been known to work wonders for hair since a very long time. Application of coconut oil on the scalp with the finger tips before washing the hair is very effective in turning the hair from dull to glowing.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil

Warm olive oil can be applied to the hair regularly in order to improve the quality of the hair.

6. Massage


The scalp should be massaged with the help of warm oil on a regular basis. This can improve the circulation of blood which ultimately leads to the growth of hair and its shine.

7. Vinegar


Vinegar is like a conditioner for the hair which helps in cleaning the hair and improving the quality of the hair by washing it with a mixture of water and vinegar.

8. Beer


Beer is also a good conditioner for hair as it is said to bring back the shine of the hair and also promotes hair growth.

9. Curd


Curd can be used as a mask for the hair before washing it. This can bring about a great change in the quality and the glow of the hair.

10. Aloe Vera


The juice of Aloe Vera can be applied on hair to bring back the shine and also for the great quality of the hair. Aloe Vera is considered to be the best of all the 10 home remedies for dry hair because of the results that it provides.

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