How to Get Curly Hair?

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Its human nature that we always desire and cherish to possess the things that we don’t have. It’s not a different issue when it comes down to hairstyle too. People with straight hair wants pretty curls and those with curls wants long straight hair. How to get curly hair is the point being questioned these days by women and the fashion-conscious teenagers. Even men, who are trying to experiment with their looks every now and then are joining the bandwagon too these days.

Curly Hair

These are some of the tips that will help in getting the answer of how to get curly hair with ease.

  • Choosing the right tool: the curl size depends a lot on the diameter of curling-iron’s barrel. Also the length of the hair matters as far as getting a certain amount of curls.
  • Selecting the right material: As the curling irons come in different options such as tourmaline, gold, ceramic, chrome etc., it matters how one chooses the right curling iron. Tourmaline and ceramic are the best as they give even distribution of heat and frizz control which is healthier for hair. Titanium and gold gets superhot and chrome iron is inexpensive and of poor quality.
  • Prepare the hair properly: It’s essential to use proper hair products before drying the hair. One should use good quality hair gel, mousse or curl enhancing creams for better results and also to protect it from getting burned.
  • Curling loose waves: It is highly recommended to clip all of the dried hair except for a 2″ section at the neck base and then curling up small sections working way up towards the head. One must comb through each section of hair, put some hair spray and then wrapping the hair around a large iron barrel. After holding the curl for 20-25 seconds, one should release it and apply some hairspray once again. The whole thing should continue until the entire head is done. To get a beach look, one should use the fingers, and for a romantic look they should brush the curls gently.
  • To get small curls: For this one should require small diameter barrel curling iron. After that, the process is pretty much like the previous one of getting loose waves.

Essential tips on how to get curly hair:

  • The hair must be 100% dry before one starts trying out hair curling. It’s not a good thing to curl wet and damp hair as it might damage the hair in the process.
  • Before styling one should allow the curls to get fully cool.
  • One should never over-style the curls. The less brushing and combing one does will allow the curls to stay longer.
  • One should experiment with the whole process by curling them backward and forward alternatively to get a different look.
  • You should not lose heart if you can’t get the exact curly-look you are looking for.

Following these tips, you can be pretty much sure that you don’t have to worry about how to get curly hair.

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