Some Great Looks Through Hair Braiding

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Hair being the most visible part of the body and something which defines the personality of an individual requires sufficient care. With care and proper technique any experiment with its looks can be carried forward. Hair braiding is one of those styles which have been experimented by many for quite some time now. It is not only the women who are trying hair braiding but many men have been trying this as well. The process of braiding involves three strands of hair which starts at the scalp while over laying one strand on the other till the desire effect has been given to the hair.

Hair Braiding

There are various kinds of braids which people have been trying in the recent times; some of them have been discussed below:

Straight braid or the Bob Marley

Hair braiding of this type is suited for the hair which is coarse due to the texture it provides. This is possible in several ways which solely depends on the wearer. Some of the popular styles include the fish tails or the ponytail form which is packed together.

The Ghana Weaving

Another hairstyle best suited for the coarse hair can allow the braider for pulling their hair tighter. It is done in a manner that it doesn’t end up damaging the hair.


This is something many would have related to a fruit but it is also one of the hair braiding styles. To get this style the wearer needs to be patient enough as the process of getting it is much longer than any other style. The style looks great once done and lasts much longer as compared to any other hair braiding styles.

Kinky Braids

Made out of the original kinky braids this style is prevalent in both men and women.

Basket weaving

This braiding style is often called as Alicia Keys. It’s made a few hair pieces or almost no hairpiece. The style also comes with a splitting pattern that involves usage of more hair pieces for creating the desired pattern.

Some tips for maintaining braids on a regular basis are:

The wearer should make sure that their hair is properly washed as well as treated by the use of a deep conditioner. This should always be done before putting on the braids.

The wearer should avoid using heavy creams that might weigh their hair down while causing flaky or build-up scalps.

In order to have a comfortable feel, the wearer should select a style which is appropriate for the texture as well as the length of their hair.

It must be ensured that braiding is not kept for more than 8 weeks. This may lead to lock and cause breakage of the hair.

Occasionally a wearer should put their hair in a silky scarf before they go off to bed and sleep to avoid having frizz while sleeping.

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