4 Ways to Treat Female Hair Loss

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Hair loss is among the most common problems across the world which is highly prevalent among females and most of us often look out for ways to treat female hair loss to have a nice head of hair. As far as treating androgenetic alopecia is concerned, women are in a fix. Physicians hate to prescribe systemic treatments as they can tamper with the androgen levels of the body.

Female Hair Loss

Topical treatments are one of the preferred ways to treat female hair loss by the physicians as they are directly applied to the scalp. The best possible results can be seen if one starts treating their hair loss problem as soon as possible. It is because prolonged alopecia can destroy the hair follicles.


This medicine previously came in the form of a tablet for treating high blood pressure, but patients diagnosed with this medicine started to notice excessive hair growth as a side-effect. Studies later revealed that direct application of minoxidil solution to the scalp also stimulated hair growth. The minoxidil solution absorbed by the skin when applied topically is too insignificant to cause any kind of internal side effects. Available widely under the name Rogaine in generic versions, it works more successfully in women than men.

The labelling recommends that only 2% minoxidil concentration is used by women and not 5% as the FDA is yet to approve the higher concentration. Though, some dermatologists prescribe the 5% concentration only if used under guidance. However, small clinical trials revealed that the 5% concentration is far more effective than the 2%.

Oral Contraceptives

Ovarian androgen production can be decreased by birth control pills and hence can be a great tool to treat female hair loss. However, one should keep in mind that cautions are the same regardless of whether they are taking it to prevent contraception or hair loss. For instance, smokers above the age of 35 who are taking these pills are at a much higher risk of getting ill with serious conditions. One should be discussing their lifestyle and medical history thoroughly with their doctor. These pills come in a variety of hormonal formulations, so it is important to discuss all such things with their doctor, as they can determine which one is right for the specific needs. Low-androgen pills should be consumed for the treatment of female hair loss.


It inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme in the follicle, which helps in slowing down the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It was first distributed under the name Proscar for treating prostate gland. Woman should not be taking them if they are pregnant. Also, while on this drug, they should prevent themselves from getting pregnant as it increases the birth defects in male infants. Sexual side effects in women do not occur for consuming finasteride.


This medicine is currently used for the treatment of fungal infections. Because it reduces the production of androgens and testosterone, it can be used in great effect for the treatment of hair loss in women. 1% and 2% versions are available, with no major side-effects accompanying them.

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