Some Effective Hair Care Tips for a Healthy Hair

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Maintaining shiny, gorgeous, beautiful and healthy hair is not that difficult. Only one has to follow some essential hair care tips. Some of them are:

  • Use of the shampoo regularly is one of the basic and most important hair care tips one can give. Using shampoo helps in removing dirt, dead skin cells, hair oil, and other harmful substances which gets accompanied with hair-care products.
  • You should use warm water and not hot water, as hot water can irritate and dry the scalp.
  • The number of times you should wash their hair depends on the hair-type. If the hair is dry, then it should be shampooed two to three times a week, and if oily then shampoo should be used every day as it helps in removing excess hair-oils.
  • After shampooing, use of conditioner is very important as it moisturizes the hair; adds shine to it; helps protecting it from sun, dirt and wind. It also helps the hair to untangle.
  • You also have to be extra careful when shampoo and conditioner is being used, as the hair is most fragile and weak when it is wet.
  • You should not scrub, force a comb through the tangles, or vigorously massage the scalp.
  • You should avoid brushing the hair when it is wet as it is both vulnerable and fragile when wet. Instead you should gently run your fingers through the wet hair to untangle, and then brush when it is completely dry.
  • You must avoid using plastic brushes or combs as they can create static.
  • Also take extra care when choosing hair care products.
  • Blow-drying is not good, and should only use it if it is extremely necessary. That too, you should select the cool-setting in the blow dryer as hot air causes damage to the hair.
  • Hair and scalp can burn if the dryer is left in one spot for long. It should be kept several inches away and should be kept moving.
  • It is better to trim the hair once in every six-eight weeks to eliminate split ends.

Hair Care Tips

Hairstyle reflects a lot about how a person leads his/her life. Lack of sleep, excessive stress, poor eating, smoking and lack of exercise can take a toll on the hair. You should maintain a rich nutritious diet containing great amount of protein and vitamins. Daily intake of water should be high. You should exercise regularly, avoid cigarettes, and get plenty of rest and sleep. All these factors shall result in maintaining great and healthy hair all through their lives and one don’t need to worry every now and then of hair loss and getting bald.

By following all these hair care tips, you can be sure to have a healthy and beautiful head of hair.

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