Some Great Tips to Help in Natural Hair Care

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A large portion of the society these days suffers from problems related to hair. Hair quality depends on various factors such as hereditary which is beyond one’s control and also lifestyle and diet which are definitely in one’s hands. People do use several hair products that are being sold in the market and undergo a variety of hair treatments but the end result is not that satisfactory. So these days, many are trying natural hair care, which are pocket-friendly, can be ‘produced’ at home and are easy to use for an effective and long lasting cure.

Natural hair care is not a recent phenomenon and goes back to the ancient days when the words Science and Technology didn’t even appear in English vocabulary. Natural products formed or derived from nature were the only ways to fight hair problems.

Natural Hair Care

The effectiveness of natural hair care products are quite popular as they are effective in enhancing the beauty and reducing hair loss. They are also considered of not having any side effects and can also provide other health benefits. After being neglected for years, they are finally receiving their due recognition from all quarters of the society, mainly women in general.

Choosing the right natural hair care product is essential in today’s environment. Almost every natural product that is available and sold in the market presently bears the label ‘Natural’, so it confuses a large section as many of them don’t know whether they are pure or fake. There are mainly four kinds of natural hair care products in the market right now. They are:

  • Hair cleansing products
  • Hair conditioners
  • Hair remedies
  • Hair nutrition products

But still, not all natural hair care products are ‘natural’ after all. The one’s which are available at a salon or in a store are not 100% natural, as certain ingredients and chemicals are used in them for effective and better results and also to preserve them for long-term. But still some home-made natural hair care products can be made which are absolutely natural. These are:

  • Nettle Root Extract: Many believe that nettle root extracts stop hair loss and also help in re-growth of hair.
  • Saw Palmetto Extract: This works as an anti-androgen and fights prostatic diseases by lowering the levels of DHT. It works great for people suffering from andro-genetic alopecia.
  • Rosemary and Sage: These are regarded to be great natural hair enhancers. Rosemary, peach leaf, sage, burdock and nettle should be boiled together in water and applied on hair after being cooled. As it is believed to stimulate hair follicles and growth, it strengthens the hair and even permanently stops premature hair loss.
  • Jojoba Oil: It helps to keep the scalp free from diseases related to skin and other scalp problems like dandruff, dryness hair, split ends and hair loss. It also acts as a great scalp cleanser and can get rid of crusted sebum.
  • Aloe Vera: It helps to balance pH level of the scalp and heals it by cleaning the pores. Shampoos that are  made up of good Aloe Vera gel and small amounts of coconut milk and wheat germ oil act as a great enhancers for hair growth.

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