The 10 Steps to Grow Hair Faster and in Volume

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These 10 steps to grow hair faster are particularly for the girls! Girls often worry for the various measures that they can use in order to make their hair grow faster. These tips will help them move into the right direction to get a long hair that will draw the attention of the people towards them. Not only girls, there are even grown up ladies who face problems in hair growth at a later stage in life either because of their age or else because of the lack of proper nutrition that is needed for faster hair growth. A few points that are illustrated below that would be of immense advantage for the ladies who have a hard time finding out ways to make their hair grow faster.

Regular trimming and removal of damage

Regular trimming of the hair is very important because split ends may appear. The spilt ends run down the roots of the hair causing damages to the hair follicles retarding the growth of new hair. Thus it is always recommended that you should opt for proper trimming to ensure hair growth.

Regular trimming and removal of damage

Balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet is very important for the steady growth of your mane because without proper food it can become impossible for the hair follicles to get the required amount of nutrition needed for their growth. You must take protein and amino acids as these two are the most nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Balanced diet


Proper exercise is also important for hair growth because work out causes sweating that can remove the blocked follicles from the scalp and also increase the blood flow. This can lead to an increase in the growth of hair.


Follow natural remedies for hair growth

Hair growth should never be ensured by the use of chemicals and medicines because these can have negative effects on the hair. It is always advisable to go for natural remedies because they are not only safe for the hair but they are even proven.

Natural remedies for hair growth

Intake of vitamins

If you find that your hair is growing very slowly, then you should make it a habit to take a lot of vitamins in your diet in order to increase the speed of your hair growth.

Vitamin intake

Straightening of the mane

First of all straightening of the mane should be done under professional guidance and an elaborate use of hair iron and hair straighteners should be made because it makes the hair healthy and strong. Its use also ensures faster growth of hair.

Straightening of the mane

Regular wash

Regular washing of the hair is very important without the use of too many chemicals in order that your hair grows properly and fast. Styling products for the hair should be avoided as much as possible.

Regular wash

Avoid using cheap hair products

Cheap hair products like shampoos and conditioners should be avoided because they do not protect your hair and even do not let it dry out very fast.

Hair products

Essential oils

Oiling is very important for hair growth. You should make a habit of oiling your hair with coconut oil, rosemary or herbs at least two days in a week in order to ensure hair growth in a stable manner.

Essential oils

Avoid hormone based products

Hormone based products for the hair should be avoided in order to keep it in good condition and also to make your tresses look beautiful. This is also considered as one of the 10 steps to grow hair faster.

Hormone Based products

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