Hair Care Tips That Help In a Healthy Growth of Hair

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Long hair is the most beautiful thing that a woman can have other than a flawless skin. However, a number of factors ensure good health of hair. Numerous products are now available in the market and they promise to enhance the shine and texture of the hair. It is not to be forgotten that its real health is shaped by a number of internal factors. Diet plays a very significant role in maintaining the health of hair. However, there are certain homemade products that can take care of the hair. Given under are some of the hair care tips.

Bouncy hair

Making a solution of apple cider vinegar and warm water in equal proportions and applying the solution adds bounce to hair. The apple cider smell can be got rid off by rinsing it off after five minutes.

Bouncy hair

Baking soda therapy

Three tablespoons of baking soda when mixed with water and applied to hair and left for five minutes can help in removing the leftovers of shampoo while also helps in removing the remaining traces of styling product.

Baking soda therapy

Treating with olive oil

Olive oil can be great for adding shine to the hair and conditioning it. Honey when mixed with olive oil can offer a deeper conditioning treatment to hair. After leaving for about two hours, the hair can be shampooed.

olive oil

Remedy for hair fall

This counts among the best hair care tips for normal hair. A paste is to be made with half cup powdered Indian gooseberry to which two tablespoons of castor oil and one egg have been added. This has to be beaten into a smooth paste which, then, should be applied on the hair and scalp. It should be rinsed after leaving for thirty minutes.

Indian gooseberry

Avoiding hot water

Hot water showers should be very strictly avoided because it strips the hair of natural oils. Instead warm water that has been heated to a temperature slightly above that of the human body can be used.

hot water shower

Treating with egg

Egg whites are good conditioning agents for dry hair that is brittle. Half cup of egg mixture should be applied on damp and clean hair. Leaving it for twenty minutes, the hair should be rinsed with cool water.

egg for hair care

Healthy diet

Healthy diet is not just reflected in skin but on the hair as well. Healthy diet is what offers the internal boost to healthy hair. Lots of green vegetables and fruits should be included in regular diet. It is important to take water in good quantities.

Healthy diet

Strong hair

Almond oil should be taken in a bowl and heated for forty seconds. The heated oil should then be evenly applied throughout the hair and kept for thirty minutes. After this, the hair is to be rinsed with shampoo and conditioned in cold water. This is one of most useful hair care tips for dry and damaged hair.

almond oil for hair

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