Top 5 Hair Colour Ideas and Tips

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Youngsters are considering colouring their hair irrespective of whatever the social protocol is. Many are opting for different hair colour ideas to change the existing colour, to cover their grey hair or to restore it to its original colour after being discoloured by sun bleaching or other such hairdressing processes. Selecting a new colour or following a new trend has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main concern for many is that whether the colour they are planning to put on will match their skin tone, their current hairstyle or be presentable.

Also hair colouring involves a lot of chemical use, which is capable of removing and replacing the colour pigments which are normally found inside the hair shaft. Use of such chemicals results in a series of adverse effects such as skin irritation, skin discoloration, hair breakage and unexpected colour results.

These are some of the hair colour ideas that are gaining acceptance and are being followed worldwide these days:

1. Blended Ombré

This was the colour trend last year, and so it’s receiving an update this year. Must in the list of hair colour ideas, the reputed hairstylists are saying that it will be less in-your-face kind of a thing and more subtle and elusive. The new version is all about getting the lighter, softer colours back to their roots. Also another reason for the colour to gain such popularity is that it looks great on everybody.

blended ombre hair

2. The New (Orange-y) Redhead

This was the most tried out colour in 2012, and many pundits predict the trend to continue this year and in a very big way. Shades of burgundy and true-red were the popular choice for many, but stylists consider that orangey-red will the sought after colour this in 2013. This could be the ideal shade for those whose complexion is a bit light, or is a natural blonde and looking for an experiment.

orangey-red hair

3. Buttery Blonde

Champagne and icy blondes were the ones to dominate the scene all this while from ramps to the next-door neighbours. One of the unique hair colour ideas one can expect to see a lot of warmer blonde shades this year such as the buttery blonde with a touch of gold. This shade will look best on beige, olive or darker skins. Also the chemicals used in this shade are a lot less aggressive and are good for the hair.

buttery blonde hair color

4. Bold Streaks

Last year, pastel shades were adopted a lot, but it’s time for bold, vibrant and bright colours to step in. Such colours are easy to maintain and fun to play with.

bold streaks hair

5. Darker Accent Strands

Coloring the underneath layers of hair with dark accent pieces will be huge this year. It helps to add an extra dimension when the hair is twisted into braids or being pulled up high in a bun. It is highly recommended for those leading a corporate life and spends a lot of time at their workplace.

darker accent strands hair

Here are a few more hair color trends that are new favorites and look great on everyone.

Rose Gold Hair – this new hair color trend is sparkling all over and everyone’s kinda crazy about this dazzling color. The best part is that it looks great on everyone and is very simple to flaunt your looks.

Nude Hair – Nude hair too looks apt for everyone whether you have wavy or curly hair. This one is especially perfect for spring.

Pastel Hair – This one is steadily on the rise over the past few years and it seems its not going to stop soon. From pretty pink to dazzling blues, pinks and purples, this is the hot trend for every season.

Tie-dye Hair –  This surprisingly gorgeous style is here to stay and shows no signs of fading soon. It is tried by many mostly because it matches with almost any attire and is perfect especially for summers.

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