Hair Cutting Can Certainly Change the Looks

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A perfectly styled hair can cause the person to undergo a complete makeover. In fact, the most popular among the hair dressing services is hair cutting. A skilled hair dresser would always cut the hair in manner so as to flatter the face of the individual. Hair cutting is a good way to make up for the flaws in facial structure and features. Here are some of the hair cutting tips that help to determine the suitability of haircuts on different people.

Facial shapes

Hair cutting does not only depend on the texture of hair but also on the facial shape of the individual. The features of the face also go into consideration. So, there are a number of factors that determine the kind of hair cut that would suit the individual. There are five distinct facial shapes and these include oval, square, heart shaped, oblong, and round. Oval shape is considered the most suitable as it can sport all hair styles. Sharp edges on a square face can be smoothened with wispy bangs. Straight hair should be avoided. Wavy hair can soften the facial structure.

For round facial shapes, hair cuts should have a lengthening effect. Hair should be layered at the top and thinned out below cheek bones. Hair cut for heart shaped faces should thin out the top and make the lower portion look fuller. For oblong facial shapes, the key should be to make the face appear shorter with a suitable hair cut.

Hair Cutting facial shapes


The first thing is to know what the client wants. The hair dresser can offer recommendations depending on the facial shape, structure, features, skin color, hair texture, personality and occupation. But it would be an unwelcome thing to style the hair without seeking the client’s permission. Consultation and communication should not be avoided.


Gowning is important so that hair doesn’t fall on clothing and collars. The next thing to be done is sectioning the hair. Seven different sections are to be created. This helps in an even cutting of hair throughout. Angle is another important aspect in hair cutting. There are three distinct angles that include horizontal, vertical, and 45 degrees. Elevation is another important feature that is taken into consideration while cutting the layers. Hair pointing toward the floor is at a zero degree elevation and that pointing upward is at 180 degrees elevation, while when the hair shaft is parallel to floor, it is at 90 degrees elevation.


Texturing of hair is done to make the hair look thinner and this also removes the excess bulk. This helps in creating movement on hair design. For altering shorter and longer hair length texturizing scissors are used. Razors and regular scissors can also help in texturizing.

Hair cutting should be done on wet hair as it eases out the process. However, it should be dried and checked.

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