10 Wavy Summer-Hair Ideas for the Season

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10 wavy summer-hair ideas can make you feel like a star and can help you grab everyone’s attention and can make people stare at you with awe. Wherever you go, there are people turning their heads to have a glimpse of you and this is all because of the hairdo that you take on this summer. There is nothing to imagine about such a situation which can happen in a common man’s life. It can become a reality by flaunting the hair styles that are in this season.

Looks can be changed and pulled off in any way whatever is liked by a person. Scissors can always make the difference and using the scissor in the right manner is something that is very important for a complete makeover of an individual. There are some famous air styles that are recommended during summer and they are as follows.

1. Loose curls

The best way to get the loose curls is by making a middle parting of the hair and then blowing it dry using a smooth cream. The curls would get a perfect shape by the use of a light-hold spray which is very important for the loose curls.

Loose curls

2. Carefree waves

Summer hair is something that should look effortless, which is possible by using a mousse on damp hair and then flipping the head up and down to blow the hair dry. This is one perfect style that can be dawned on this season.

Carefree waves

3. Beachy waves

This kind of hair is a summer essential mainly because of the fact that it is very easy for a woman to get and then carry. This style goes with every kind of hair whether it is naturally straight or curly.

Beachy waves

4. Ponytail

Ponytail is the best style that can be dawned during the summers because it is very easy to beat the heat through this style of hair and not only this, it can also be done very quickly which can save a lot of time.


5. A low ponytail

This kind of a ponytail is a bit more fashionable than the simple ponytails and it goes well with certain dresses that are meant to be worn for special occasions. Low ponytail can be matched with any kind of hair whether it is straight or curly.

Low Ponytail

6. Textured ponytail

This is a ponytail that can be used in both the ways. It looks very sleek in front and from the back it appears textured. Round brushes can be used for this type of a hair style.

Textured ponytail

7. Hairline braids

For hair that is naturally straight skinny braids can serve as the best among all 10 wavy summer-hair ideas available because it can make the hair look stunning and give a perfect look to a woman for every occasion.

Hairline braids

8. Buns

Buns represent the volume of the hair and they are also quite comfortable during the summers because they do let the hair come on the neck which looks great on any woman. At the same time a bun also looks quite sophisticated.


9. Using a headscarf

Colorful scarves of silk fabric are quite fashionable and they go well with the clothes that are worn during the summers. They are not actually a hair style but they look amazing with all hair styles if they are used in the perfect manner.

Using a headscarf

10. Fishtail braid

It is an elaborate hair style but requires a little practice to be made in the perfect manner. It only requires a little bit of blow drying the hair and then side parting it with the fingers.

Fishtail braid

11. Shoulder length curls

This type of hairdo is very common with women who have mid-length hair because they need to keep it fashionable yet comfortable during the summers. This hairstyle is also considered to be a favorite amongst the 10 wavy summer-hair ideas available for women.

Shoulder length curls

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