The Hottest Long Hairstyles in Fashion Today

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The hottest long hairstyles are a trend now-a-days because of the fact that it is gorgeously feminine. Long hair has always remained a favorite among women because long hair can be used in getting different looks and appearances. Long hair can be of several types such as straight, sleek, curled, silky and super smooth. No matter what the hair quality is, long hair can always help in rendering the best look to a woman.

There are some specific long hair styles that are hot this season and can be carried at any occasion depending upon the clothes that are chosen for the occasion. Women can produce the desired effect at an event by making their choice among these long hairstyles that have been mentioned below.

Sideways ponytail

Sideways ponytail

The bun that is usually a common style with long hair can be given a different look by pushing it over on one side. Straightening balm for damp hair can be applied so that the hair can be combed and then gathered into the form of a ponytail that is low and just above the ear. The tail of the pony can be used in wrapping the base that helps in forming a beautiful bun. Some pins can be used at the base while small pieces of hair can be allowed to slip out.

Flick along with toss

This is a long hairstyle where half of the top hair is kept smooth while the bottom part of the hair is disheveled. A blow dryer and a round brush that is large enough are used for this purpose. A texturizing spray for the hair should also be used to twist the hair strands with the use of fingers while the hair is being blow dried. Tousled tips would form in this manner.

Wild waves

Wild waves are a hot trend this season that can be formed by applying mouse to the damp mane and then tousling the roots while blow drying the hair. The hair needs to be divided into four sections and then each section of the hair should be braided while it is still warm. After the hair is braided, it must be allowed to cool to produce voluminous waves.

Twisted hair

Long hair can also be twisted instead of braiding because twisting the hair gives a very attractive look. The hair can be divided into three sections and then a tight weaves of the hair should be done by crisscrossing sections over one another. A hair tie can also be used for blending and getting the twists.


The layers go well with long hair because they produce a flawless look by adding volume and even movement to the hair. Shag gives both a messy and a casual look that can go with any sort of dress and at any occasion. It is considered to be the best among all the hottest long hairstyles that women love to carry.

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