Trendy Facial Hair Styles That Give a Different Look

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The trend of different facial hair styles has been there for decades and helps in making a good style statement.

Having cool facial hair styles has been there in fashion for many decades. There have been some great styles that have set the trend and never go out of fashion. This fashion makes a strong statement and sets the perfect impression on the people. Some of the facial hairstyles that should be tested out are:

Full bearded look

This is the best classic look that a person can get in his face. This trend keeps coming back in fashion and suits for people that have fair complexion. This look is the best and the most attractive for men who are above 30. A full bearded look seems to give a more masculine look and helps a person look more mature. The best age to sport that full bearded look is the age of 30 to 40. It is known to give the perfect look to people who are in this age group and helps them earn respect among smaller peers.

Full bearded look

Light beard

This is known to be an interesting look as it is known to be half way between the full beard and the subtle look. This look gives a novelty punch and goes well with most of the dresses. This facial hair style is suited for the work place as well as the casual parties. With this look one can be more innovative and gets the flexibility to set it according to his choice. It is recommended that the younger men sport this look and be more creative. The younger lot can also sport the crazy look with the light bearded facial hair style.

Light beard

Moustache and Goatee

This combination has also been seen in many movies. It is a tried combination and suits different purposes. Men with feminine jawline and weaker chin should try out the goatee as it helps in making the skin look more masculine. This is the best for people that have a round and a softer face. The dark skinned men should try out the combination of goatee and moustache as any of other facial hair styles would not go well good for them.

Moustache and Goatee


The chinstrap facial beard goes best with the college boys. This helps in getting an impressive look for the college. Most of the girls in the college just love this chinstrap look on boys. People with a square masculine jaw line should try this out as this makes the jawline look better and increases the masculinity quotient.

chinstrap facial beard


The stubble facial hair style looks great in lighter skinned men and it is a universally accepted style. This style has been there for quite some time and goes well with people of all ages. Women love this style and this helps in maximizing the visual impact of the face. People who are confused while trying out different facial hair styles should try out the stubble look.

stubble facial hair styles

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