Natural Vitamins for Hair Growth for Men

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Proper growth of the hair is considered to be a very important fact in the beauty of both men and women and it is only because of this reason that natural vitamins for hair growth for men have been recommended and are also found to be used by men so that they are also able to get quality hair that is strong enough and is not susceptible to any sort of damage. Hair growth is important for women but it is also equally important for men because men are also considered to be handsome if they have good hair growth.

There are many men who are found to be spending large sums of money on maintaining their hair quality and hair growth which decreases with the aging. Natural remedies can also be tried out by men in order to restore their hair growth which is why important vitamins have been summed up below so that people can get an idea about vitamins that can be taken to secure the growth of the hair.

Hair Growth for Men

Vitamin A

Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant and is considered to be one of the most important vitamins for hair growth. High sebum content of vitamin A helps in hair growth and also improves strength and shine of the hair. Foods that contain high doses of vitamin A are apricots, cheese, broccoli, carrots and cabbages. It is important for men to take these foods on a regular basis in order to maintain volume of their hair.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also considered to play a very important role in hair growth because it contains content that is water soluble and helps in excreting harmful substances through urine. Vitamin C is also found to help in maintaining strength of hair and is found in foods like green vegetables, fruits, pineapples, tomatoes and cantaloupes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in green vegetables, seeds, soybeans and dried nuts which are very important to be taken on a regular basis because it improves blood circulation in the body and scalp, hair follicles and hair roots that help in growth of healthy hair. This vitamin is very helpful if taken on a regular basis because it helps in strengthening hair and improving the shine and glow of hair in a very detailed manner.

Vitamin B

The overall health of hair is very dependent on vitamin B, which also helps in stimulating hair growing process. Carrots, peas, soybeans, bran, eggs, nuts, nutritional yeast and cauliflower are some foods that are said to contain vitamin B which is very important for hair growth. In this respect it can be said that best vitamin B supplements that work for hair are vitamin B3, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6.


Biotin is considered to be the best for the maintenance of the quality of hair and at the same time it also improves the strength of the hair. Hair loss is also prevented to a considerable extent with the use of biotin that is found in brown rice, sunflower seeds, lentils, walnuts, green peas and bulgur. Biotin is considered to be the best of all natural vitamins for hair growth for men.

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