The Best Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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Summer is a season that draws the attention of an individual towards hair care because the sun during has an adverse effect on the quality of hair during the summers and is said to damage the cuticles of hair resulting in various problems of the hair such as dry scalp, frizziness, dust, dandruff and split ends. Therefore it is extremely important to pay extra attention to the hair during summers because the hair requires great care during this season. Some of the most effective and useful summer hair care tips can be followed in order to possess and keep the quality of the hair intact during the summers and they have been mentioned below.

Use gentle shampoo and moisturizer

The hair should not be shampooed very often during the summers because it removes the moisture content of the hair and leaves it brittle and dry. The sebaceous gland secretes “sebum” which is scalp oil that is considered to work as a moisturizer for the scalp. But the secretion of this oil decreases during the summers because of which it becomes extremely important to use gentle shampoos and moisturizers on the hair so that the scalp is not left dry and the hair does not break.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Trimming the hair

It is also important to trim the hair frequently so that frizzy problems and split ends can be avoided. It is also wise to go for a short hair style during the summers because a short hairstyle would offer great comfort during the summers.

Use of protective sunscreen

A protective sunscreen can also be used during the summer season because it not only protects the skin but also protects the hair from any kind of damage due to exposure to direct light of the sun.

Extra protection for long hair

Long hair requires extra protection during the summer season and it is important to carry a hat, scarf or an umbrella when a person is out in the sun. The harmful rays of the sun can be avoided by doing so.

Regular bath

A head bath on a regular basis is very important for the health of the hair because the hot wind that blows during the summers causes dust problems and helps in producing dandruff. Regular bath would help in the removal of accumulated dust. Lemon can be rubbed on the scalp, the coconut can be applied along with camphor and gooseberry oil can also be used in getting rid of dandruff.

Never leave the hair open

The hair should never be left open during the summers because it might result in hair tangle and frizzy hair. Therefore the hair must always be platted or knotted which helps in avoiding any kind of direct exposure of the hair to the sunlight.

Use of natural hair drying methods

Dryers, straighter, curlers and hot irons should never be used during the summers because they can damage the quality of the hair. It is always a good idea to use natural ways of drying the hair because they keep the quality of the hair intact. This is considered to be the most important tip among the summer hair care tips.

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