Top 10 Natural Hair Myths to Be Aware Of

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Here are the top 10 natural hair myths that most of us are not aware of. We always try to follow most of the hair products that are promoted on TV to get good and healthy hair but often forget how natural hair care can benefit us in more ways than one. Always remember that natural hair care is beautiful and it is the best choice you have ever made. Read on to know more about the natural myths that prevail among us about our hair.

1. Natural hair is difficult to keep

There are so many girls who think that natural hair is difficult to keep and maintain. But it is not so, you can take care of natural hair using natural ways, rather than going for chemical products.

2. No natural relaxers are available

If you think that natural relaxers are available because your local parlor told you so, then don’t trust them, as they are lying. The truth is that heat would always be required to straighten the hair and if they don’t use heat, they would sue chemicals instead.

3. Natural hair looks unprofessional

Some women think that natural hair looks unprofessional since most of the people are going for relaxed hair. But this is not so. Even if you have natural hair, your professionalism would not be questioned.

4. One must try protective styles

Once you have decided that you are going to keep natural hair, it is not like that you can never style your hair the way you like it. Instead, there are many ways to style it; you just need to have more information.

Natural Hair Myths

5. 4c hair doesn’t grow

Many people would tell you that 4c hair does not grow, so you should stop worrying about them, or you should get them relaxed, but this is not the truth. If you take proper care of your hair, it would definitely grow.

6. You cannot exercise with natural hair

This is not at all true. Although it is a fact that natural hair sweats a lot more than the relaxed hair and the lady wearing such kind of hair might have to wash it more often, but still, she can do exercises as frequently as the ladies with relaxed hair.

7. Natural is expensive

If you take care of your hair by using the DIY tips and skip going to the parlor every weekend, natural hair would prove to be less expensive than the relaxed hair.

8. Natural texturizers are available

Again, this is a myth. No natural product is available which can change the texture of your hair. They just straighten your hair using chemicals and if you use these products on your hair, you cannot say that you have natural hair.

9. Color would alter the neutrality of the hair

Those ladies who want to go natural might think that they would not be able to color their hair afterwards. However, this is not true. Coloring the hair would not affect the natural texture of the hair. All it would do is to change the color of the hair to some other and that too, on a temporary basis.

10. Your hair type must be clear

All the natural hair does not have a type. So, it is not necessary to know what your hair type is. However, the porosity of the hair would help you to decide what the right method to take care of it is.

After going through this list of top 10 natural hair myths, you must be tempted to try natural methods when it comes to taking care of your hair, aren’t you?


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