Some Effective Treatment Options That Can Be Sought for Baldness Cure

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Hair plays an important role in presenting ourselves in a decent manner wherever we go. It is nature’s gift to humans and therefore appropriate treatment for baldness cure is right of every human being. Fortunately, science and technology has advanced enough to provide suitable medication or operational procedures to almost everyone who can afford them. Some of the popular and effective treatment options can be found hereunder. However, hair treatment is not restricted to only these.

baldness cure treatment


Light therapy with the help of a laser light comb has been found to stimulate re-growth of hairs. Interestingly, this advanced baldness cure has even been approved by the FDA recently. Most importantly, it is effective on the crown as well as to the hairline, unlike most other treatments.


Only men can use Proscar. It is readily available at medical stores now. It is manufactured in the form of tablets and men have to consume one tablet daily throughout their life. Proscar does cure baldness. However, it is retailed only on the basis of prescription of a qualified doctor. Consultation with a dermatologist regarding baldness is quite likely to result into prescription of Proscar. Finasteride is the chief constituent of this baldness cure. However, it is effective to the crown but not to the hairline. Still, people who started its course at relatively early ages due to hair-fall have found it beneficial toward the retention of hair at the front. However, it is always good to look at the warning labels before making any purchase of such products.

Topical powders

Topik and similar products that are readily available in the market can be tried to treat baldness. These contain tiny fibers that can be sprinkled on hair to make them appear full. It is meant only for thinning in case of women as it is not for baldness cure.

Topical Solution

Topical medication is quite effective during early stages of baldness. Generic medication as well as branded medicines such as Rogaine, which is popular presently, is effective against baldness. The chief active ingredient of Rogaine is Minoxodil. It is available in the form of foam or cream that can be applied on the scalp. However, it renders benefit only to the crown region and is ineffective to hairline. Male pattern baldness and thinning of hair that women go through are different issues. So, women should use appropriate Rogaine. Rogaine is produced with special formula specifically for women too.


Wigs are only used for style nowadays unlike a few years ago when they were means of concealing baldness. Advancement of science has made attachment of hair into the follicles possible. As each follicle is replaced with real hair, the transplant seems like original hair. The entire procedure requires only a few days after which, people can lead their usual life. Each hair is removed before transplant. Strip method, in which rear strip of the scalp was removed, is rarely applied nowadays. As a result, the entire transplant leaves no scar or sign.

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