Causes of Hair Loss In Women

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On an average, women lose 5-100 strands of hair daily. It is because hair goes through a cycle and is replaced by a new one. Although minimal loss of hair might not be a warning signal among women excessive problems needs treatment. Before treating hair loss it is essential to know the cause of hair loss in women.

Hair loss

Telogen Effluvium

This phenomenon occurs after pregnancy, drastic weight loss, major surgery or extreme stress, which results in one to shed massive amounts of hair on a daily basis. It happens usually when one is shampooing, brushing or styling their hair. It can be a side-effect of certain medications like beta-blockers, non-steroidal drugs and antidepressants. Hair-shifting, from growing phase to the resting phase, is much faster here than the normal rate, before landing quickly in the telogen phase.

Hereditary hair loss

As far as the causes of hair loss in women are concerned, this is the most popular one. One can inherit the gene either from their motheror father. The probability is much more if both the parents had experienced hair loss. This condition starts developing slowly when one is in their 20s. One may be susceptible if the mother also shows this thinning pattern. The hair loss, in some cases, may be a diffused one which means that the condition is spread across the whole scalp.


Thyroid disease is most common among women. If scarce amount of thyroid hormone which is responsible for heart rate, mood and metabolism is manufactured by the body, then it can be said that one is suffering from hypothyroidism. This hormone is quite important as it is responsible for quite a few things such as the basal metabolic rate to growth of the skin, hair and nails. But if there is some kind of deficiency, then one might notice some changes in their bodily functions.


It is a chronic disease where the immune system of the body attacks the healthy tissues. It affects more than 1.5 million people and is more common in women during their child bearing months. It causes headaches, extreme fatigue, painful joints and oral ulcers. Hair comes out in patches, with the scalp showing signs of rashes.

Alopecia Areata

The immune system, under this conditionattacks the hair follicles. The cause is still unknown, but usually illness or stress triggers this. Patients report that before the bald spot starts occurring, an irritation or a tingling kind of sensation is usually felt by them.

Excessive Styling

Excessive shampooing, dyeing and styling can harm the stresses. Chemicals and heat weakens the hair, resulting in breakage and eventually fall out. The damage is caused by treatments such as colouring, blow-drying, keratin etc.

Bad condition of the scalp

Unhealthy scalp causes inflammation making it difficult for the hair to grow. The conditions include psoriasis, ringworm, seborrheic dermatitis etc.

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