Hair Loss Causes and Some Natural Solutions

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Hair loss was once considered a sign of aging and a bald head was something that was only attributed to seniors. But today, hair loss is no longer a condition that is barred bay age. Whether you are a teenager or are nearing your fifties, there are definitely times when you get distressed coming out of the shower and seeing your hair clogging the drain. The huge chunks of hair tangling on the brush are sure to give you nightmares. There are many reasons for hairloss including hereditary conditions, PCOS, chronic medical conditions, stress, thyroid and autoimmune diseases, follicle damage and malnutrition not to mention the way you treat the hair.

Whatever might be the reason, thinning hair on the head can give serious emotional distress and you should never let it control you. Here is a rundown of some of the best, simple and effective natural solutions for hair loss.

Well-balanced diet

Bad eating habits definitely play a major role in damaging a nice head of hair. Those strands of hair that you lose daily can affect your self esteem and confidence. Eating protein-rich foods makes a lot of sense when it comes to taking care of your hair as we all know that hair is primarily made of protein. While high-fat diets that are rich in cholesterol increase hair fall, a diet that is rich in proteins could save your hair and your self esteem too. Fish, beans, sprouts, eggs, yogurt and cheese are some of the good foods that fight hair loss naturally and more effectively when coupled with a natural hair loss treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

Hair Loss Causes

Healthy lifestyle

The best way to a healthy lifestyle is having a healthy diet coupled with a good exercise regime. Sparing a few minutes every day for some quick fat-burning exercises and yoga can relieve you off the stress that is another major reason for hair loss among many. Massaging your head with hot oil is also one of the best treatments that you can give your hair as it rejuvenates the scalp and keeps the hair follicles active. There are many hot oils available in the market including lavender, almond, olive and coconut oils for the very purpose of treating hair loss.

Hair Loss Medications

Rogaine and Propecia are the only FDA approved hair loss medications. Rogaine is a topical treatment that is used twice a day and works by keeping the hair follicle in growth phase. Rogaineis available without a prescription and its drawback is that it doesn’t block DHT the main hormone involved in hair loss. Propecia is a pill that blocks DHT and is only available by prescription for men.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Other than FDA approved medications Rogaine and Propecia, there are many natural topical solutions that promise good results when it comes to treating hair loss. However, most of the products that are used by millions of people all over the world are not scientifically proven and don’t work adding to the agony. Use medications that use natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to stop DHT the main cause of hair loss. They are also generally tested in clinical studies confirming their effectiveness. Further validation of such treatments comes from the many dermatologist and hair transplant surgeons that recommend these products to their patients who want a natural yet effective hair loss treatment. As these are made of natural ingredients, they doesn’t have any side effects while giving good results.

Laser Hair Loss Treatments

Recently FDA has approved Laser devices for treatment of hair loss including Hairmax and iGrow lasers. They work by stimulating the hair follicle’s growth phase but they don’t block DHT and as such they are very similar to Rogaine.

General hair care

Apart from having a good diet and following a healthy lifestyle, you also need to focus on some of the hair care tips to have a beautiful head of hair. Avoiding washing your hair in hot water and not combing them right after the shower are some of the things that you need to keep in mind to avoid hairloss. Hot showers open the pores of the skin making the hair follicles brittle which is why loss of hair is high when you comb immediately after a hot bath. Trying too many hair styles very often is also one of the reasons for hair fall as it spoils and weakens the tresses.

Everyone loses hair and everyone hunts for a solution for this serious and ever-growing problem with great intensity. But how quickly you act and how you treat your hair can make a lot of difference when it comes to reducing and controlling hair loss. While luckily most of us find that our hairfall problems can be treated quickly and naturally, there are many others that suffer from intensive hair fall due to many dreadful conditions and the best solution for them is to consult a certified dermatologist before the condition becomes an embarrassment.

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