The Various Types of Head Lice Treatment

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People feel kind of ashamed and embarrassed to talk about being infected with head lice. A sense of futility and frustration builds up inside the person gradually unless the problem is taken care of completely and immediately. There are various types of head lice treatments available presently and some of them have been discussed below.

Wet Combing

The wet combing method is definitely the most secure and easy. In this method, the person needs to wash the hair with some ordinary shampoo and apply conditioner in good amount and brush the hair with some wide toothed comb. Once this is done, the person can make use of some louse detection comb to brush the hair from root to tip and check for any lice appearing on the comb. This method is quite easy for people with short hair. However, in case of long curly hair, it becomes difficult and takes longer time.

wet combing for lice

Medicated Lotions

One of the best ways of head lice treatment is using some medicated lotion or spray to kill the lice. Even though the medicated treatment does not guarantee one hundred percent result, it still is an option that is worth a try. It is always better to visit the doctor to decide upon the product to use. The topical cream known as Ivermectin guarantees to kill ninety five percent of head lice along with nits and lice eggs. This is a prescription drug and manufactured by Topaz Pharmaceuticals. It is always advisable to visit the doctor in case the people affected happen to be young babies, pregnant women or people with allergies or asthma.

Home Remedies

Children are most often affected with head lice and it is the duty of every parent to inspect thoroughly whether their child has head lice. There are lots of people who try out different home remedy products like cooking oil, vinegar, mayonnaise and even petroleum jelly but head lice can survive easily even if the head is covered with such substances. For effective head lice treatment it is absolutely necessary to repeat the medicated treatment after seven or ten days. It has been observed that in nit stage, the head lice are resistant to chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the treatment once the lice have hatched from the egg.

In order to prevent re-infestation of head lice, every family member needs to be checked periodically for growth of head lice. Recently-worn clothing, towels, beddings need to be washed in warm water thoroughly. Carpets, upholstery, mattresses and pillows need thorough vacuuming. The things which cannot be washed or vacuumed can be kept in some freezer for some days as extremely low temperatures kill the eggs and the lice. Apart from that, the most important task in head lice treatment is to soak all the combs and brushes in hot water for at least fifteen minutes to kill any lice or egg.

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