Some Useful Tips to Reduce Hair Loss in Women

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The question quite common among women is how they could reduce their hair fall. While many would go out to the doctor or start eating pills, the fact is that a few precautions when taken could help them reduce hair loss to a great extent. Discussed below are some of the methods and precautions which, when taken, could reduce hair loss among women.

Circulation in the scalp should be increased

The most important thing to do is to increase the supply levels of nutrients to the hair along with increased blood circulation. In order to do so, having scalp massages on a regular basis for a few minutes a day would definitely be beneficial. It actually increases the blood flow to the scalp and hence strengthens it.

Circulation in the scalp should be increased

Bring a reduction in the DHT of the scalp

DHT is the hormone which is the main reason behind hair loss. This is not much of a concern among men but certainly has the tendency to increase in the women. This happens especially in the menopause phase of their lives. The solution to this is usage of an anti-DHT shampoo while taking a bath every day.

scalp massages to grow hair

Add healthy food to your diet

One of the major causes for hair loss is iron deficiency. Hair loss in women can also arise due to this reason where getting a blood test done is the first step. The report would provide the evidence of any deficiency of iron among women. Some of the recommended foods which could be included in the diet include leafy vegetables such as watercress. Eating fish on a regular basis could also be one of the foods which the non-vegetarians might add to their menu.

vitamin c foods

Exercise on a regular basis

Now this is something even our grandparents would have recommended us to do on a regular basis. To prevent hair loss in women, exercising becomes a quite must as it helps in reducing the stress levels which is regarded as one of the major causes behind hair loss. Gentle exercises for about 20 minutes every day would be substantial to maintain a proper hair growth.

Exercise on a regular basis

Add supplements to your diet

While not many would recommend adding supplements to their diets, in some cases having supplements becomes more than essential for reducing hair loss in women. Supplements like Nourkrin can be really handy for preventing hair loss among women. The other factor which can help when one takes supplements is having a psychological effect. The reason to say this is that women might start feeling that they are having something to prevent hair loss and psychological factors can do real wonders.

supplements for hair

Therefore, rather than going out to a doctor or taking unwanted pills, the above methods, when followed, can work great in reducing hair loss in women.

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