The Growing Problem of Thinning Hair

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Millions of people throughout the world experience thinning hair at some point of time in their lives. According to studies, thinning of hair often results from exposure to medications, infections and hormonal imbalances. People nowadays live a busy and stressful life which can definitely cause hair to thin and break quite easily. This generally happens as people adopt themselves to an unorganized lifestyle and hardly find time to take proper care of their hair.

With so many hair styling products available in the market, people fail to choose the product that perfectly suits their hair type. As a result, a lot of damage is caused to the hair which ultimately leads to falling and thinning hair. Rigorous towel drying, blow drying and combing can have adverse effects on the hair and damage the sensitive shafts. Shampoos that contain high percentage of conditioners make hair look thin and wimp unlike shampoos containing more amounts of protein. Women these days adopt different hair styles which might include ponytails, cornrows or braids. If the hair is pulled back too tightly then it can cause permanent bald spots.

thinning hair in women

People who experience thinning hair can definitely try adopting different techniques to protect their remaining hair and re-grow new hair. Propecia also known by the names Finasteride or Loniten is generally used for treating male pattern baldness. With the use of this medication several people have experienced new hair growth. The medicine is most effective when the hair loss is mild to moderate in men. Other than that, minoxidilor rogaine is another popular medicine used for treating male pattern baldness or thinning hair. The good news is that this medication can be used by men as well as women for treating hair loss conditions.

With the advancement of technology different surgical procedures have been introduced for treating thinning hair or hair loss. In these types of surgeries hair follicles are transplanted from thicker areas to the areas where there is less amount of hair. The follicles are grafted on small cuts made on scalp which requires some time for the growth. These procedures are invasive in nature and are usually done with the help of local anesthesia.

Hair loss or thinning hair can happen to any person and it is extremely important to take proper care of the hair and scalp to keep the hair in good health. Regular shampooing along with use of conditioner at least once a week is recommended to keep the hair in good health. The diet of a person is extremely important in keeping the hair healthy and strong. Adequate amount of vitamin B and iron is essential in the diet to keep the hair healthy, strong and beautiful. If there are any medical conditions, it needs to be treated immediately to avoid further damage.

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