10 Best Liquid Foundations for Enhancing Beauty

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Sometimes it appears to be very difficult and in fact impossible to find the best foundation that can suit the face. Women are generally quite concerned about facial makeup because the face represents an individual’s personality and therefore it is very important for women to get hold of these 10 best liquid foundations that can offer a flawless finish to the face. The most common and popular liquid foundations from the renowned brands have been mentioned below.

1. Giorgio Armani

The liquid foundation available in this brand is a favorite among women because it blends very easily and even dries matte. This foundation is best suited for skin types that are oily and for those women who do not have a strong preference for heavy makeup.

2. Chanel

This liquid foundation is not only long lasting but at the same time it provides extra glow to the face as it can blend very easily. Youthful dewiness is rendered by this foundation and this is the reason why this foundation is so very popular in the market.

Enhancing Beauty

3. Clinique

A skin tone that is uneven can be treated very well with the use of this foundation which is also considered to help in concealing imperfections of the face.

4. Bobbi Brown

This foundation is considered to be the most excellent of liquid foundations because of the fact that it is oil free and at the same time it is also available in different colors that can go very well with different types of facial skin.

5. Saint Laurent

This foundation provides true luminosity to the skin and it is considered to highlight the skin in a very effective manner.

6. Bourjois

It provides medium coverage to the facial skin and comes with a formula that is color correcting and is of great use for night party makeup. Women who make the choice of this foundation can never go wrong with their makeup.

7. Dolce & Gabbanna

This type of liquid foundation works as a concealer for the skin and it is also available in different colors that have a mattifying effect that can help beautify the face of a woman.

8. Guerlain

This liquid foundation is very light in its weight but at the same time it can last for a very long time without causing any damage to the skin of the face. Natural complexion is delivered quite flawlessly by the use of this foundation.

9. Estee Lauder

This particular foundation is available in a variety of colors, has great coverage and is also able to produce great results in facial makeup for a woman.

10. Nars

Nars is also considered as one of the finest of liquid foundations because it helps in improvising the radiance of the skin and provides a glowing and healthy facial skin to a woman. This foundation is also available in different colors that can suit any skin type and make a woman appear beautiful and glamorous in public.

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