The Best Anti-aging Foods for Skin

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We all want to look younger. The ravage of age on our skins can be diminished to considerable amounts if the following best anti-aging foods for skin are included in the diet with diligence. Commit them to the memory now.



All sorts of berries are tremendously rich in anti-oxidants which are considered as the prime beaters of free radicals which cause sufficient damage to our body by attacking the cells. So, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and all other berry varieties known should be gorged upon regularly. While all the berries add to the health of the urinary tract and in particular the skin, some of them are also known to subside or demean neurological degeneration and improve memory. Thus berries are a must.

Olive oil

olive oil

It is confirmed by research that olive oil promotes skin health. The fats in olive oils are ‘mono-saturated’, they are rich containers of anti-oxidants and poly phenols, further they have ‘phyto-nutrients’ and oleocanthal in them: all of which is like bliss to the human skin. Thus the vitamin E rich olive oil should be brought into daily use. It will not only benefit the skin but also is beneficial to the entire health in general. Blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart ailments, all of these are taken care of by olive oil.



Yogurt is said to produce anti-aging skin benefits. It is known to be rich in lactic acid and calcium such that its application produces the results which the best of skin creams are unable to. The skin is left smooth and the tarnishes are dealt with. The probiotics in yogurt keep the intestinal disorders at complete bay and this in turn restricts skin problems emerging from bad stomach. The fat-free yogurt also keeps the heart protected against different ailments and frees one of blood pressure problems.

Fish, meat and proteins

Fish meat proteins

Fishes contain omega-3 fats in abundance. They boost the metabolism of the body. Meat meets the same purpose. The good that other vitamins and minerals do to the skin largely depends on the protein content. And the best protein sources are none other than fishes and meat. Therefore, skinless chicken, fish, eggs and beans are to be included in the diet. Protein dairy like fat free milk and low fat cheese is also beneficial and should be taken regularly. Apart from fixing skin problems, they also take care of the blood pressure and keep the bones strong.



The beneficial effects of anti-oxidants have already been mentioned. Cocoa beans, the component from which chocolates are made, are extremely rich in anti-oxidants. The inflammation of the skin caused due to exposure to sunlight is repaired by cocoa. The blood circulation of the skin is also maintained by chocolates such that its ability to capture moisture and consequently remain fresh is improved. But one has to be cautious while choosing chocolates.

Dark chocolates which contain varying but comparatively greater amounts of cocoa are the best for skin. So chocolate consumption is good – sounds sweet! These are the best anti-aging foods for skin and it is very important to be kept in mind that certain foods don’t directly improve the skin but add to the purpose via other benefits. Try these out to keep the skin young and happy!

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