Beauty Tips to Use During Periods

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Want to know some fabulous beauty tips to use during periods? Well, sure you do because this is the time when the hormones in a woman’s body are completely out of control. Women feel crampy, crappy and disgusting during their periods and this is when they forget to take good care of the skin. During periods, women also go through a number of skin changes that can turn out to be very serious if they are not taken care of in the proper manner. These drastic changes in the skin can be meticulously dealt with by using some skincare tips or beauty tips during periods. The tips that have been mentioned below will help you take good care of your skin.

Eat right foods

During their periods, women generally crave for junk food and they end up consuming foods rich in salt, fat and sugar. These are foods that worsen the symptoms of periods and also make the skin look very dull. Women should make it a point to eat the foods which are right for their health and their skin. Such foods include complex carbohydrates like whole grains and oatmeal and foods rich in their content of vitamin A, B6 and C. Such foods are not only healthy, but they also go a long way in nourishing the skin and in keeping the skin looking beautiful and attractive.

Beauty Tips to Use During Periods

Increase your intake of foods that support the liver

Women just get tired of dealing with their pimples during periods. At this time, estrogen metabolizes and detoxifies in her liver and the liver stops functioning in the proper manner. This results in the breakout of pimples and scars on the skin. This can effectively be prevented by increasing the intake of foods supporting the liver. Such foods include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and other vegetables like cabbage and kale, artichoke, garlic, carrots and beet.

keep your body hydrated

Hydration helps in keeping the skin clear and this is the reason why it is important for women to keep their skin hydrated during periods. There are a number of changes that occur on the skin during periods and these changes can be dealt with in the most effective manner by making use of water. Water serves as the best medicine for the skin and therefore it is beneficial both before and after periods.

Face packs

Try making use of the best face packs made using fruits. This is because face packs have a cooling effect on the skin and can help the skin in dealing with the drastic changes that occur during periods. Best is to go for a face pack made using cucumber because it works in the form of a soothing face mask for the skin. The skin becomes very delicate and gentle during periods and therefore it must not be treated with harmful exfoliating ingredients.

Practice a very simple but effective skin regimen

Facials should be avoided during periods if the skin is very sensitive. Women who want to restore the glow of their skin during periods should practice a very simple but effective skin regimen comprising of moisturizer, sunscreen, a product for acne treatment and a mild cleanser. So ladies, don’t forget these beauty tips to use during periods.

Periods sometimes hit your beauty regimen badly while it is a drag already. Flat, dry hair and puffy eyes are the first things that everyone notices that your period id troubling you. follow these simple steps to keep your gorgeous looks rocking while your period does its job.

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