Unveil the Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. The statement is unarguably true. However, it cannot be denied either that there are certain characteristics of beauty that the “beholder” or the beholders hold as common or standard. Women and nature are two gifted beauties of god. Yet, there are certain aspects that attract the eyes. In general perception, celebrities are beautiful. But, they definitely have certain secrets that enhance their beauty.

Practice safe sun methods

People often wonder what protects Jennifer Garner’s ever glowing skin. While most of the women who are gifted with fair skin do not care about safeguarding their color against the rays of sun, it is important that you follow a safe sun method. Constant exposure to the sun naturally darkens the skin tone while causing sufficient damage to the skin. Jennifer Garner swears by the Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby Sun Block not just for herself, but for her daughters as well.

Jennifer Garner

Using good fragrances

Women are gifted and can be as beautiful as flowers. What specially attracts in a woman apart from her appearance is the fragrance. Liv Tyler opens up her secret that keeps her richly fragrant at all times. It is Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible, combining the smells of jasmine and sandalwood that gives the actress-model her alluring fragrance.

Liv Tyler

Shapely body

Healthy workout routine is what gives Padma Lakshmi her to-die-for shape, though it is one of the celebrity beauty secrets that every celebrity follows. Apart from the other forms of exercises, jumping rope keeps Padma Lakshmi in perfect shape.

Padma Lakshmi

Beautiful tresses

What beautiful tresses Kate del Castillo has! This Mexican actress shares her secret behind her lovely tresses that she took care of right from the time when she was young. This Mexican actress made a hair mask out of smashed avocado and almond oil. This has made her hair both shiny and beautiful.

Padres Contra El Cancer 9th Annual Gala

Beautify the eyes

Another most common and the most indispensable among the celebrity beauty secrets is the beautification of eyes. Justine Wachsberger of the Twilight Saga loves to wear the lovely smoky look on her eyes. The product she loves to have those sexy eyes is the eye shadow from Two Faced cosmetics.

Justine Wachsberger

Be active and vital

Vitality is what completes the look of Daphne Zuniga. The celebrity lays bare all the secrets behind her dazzling beauty and shapely body. Daphne swears by vitamins and oils that keep her both active and glowing at all times together with beauty cosmetics from brands like Lancome and NARS Cosmetics. Apart from this she also takes Triphala tablets, green tea, and antioxidants.

Daphne Zuniga

Long, voluminous hair is always beautiful

Julianne Hough wears her hair long and as well loves the blemish-fighting products to keep her skin glowing at all times. But, the celebrity tells that it is not her hair. She has collar bone length hair and those are in-clip extensions that she wears where she goes. She uses Proactiv 5-Piece Deluxe System to clear her skin. For her hair she uses Aveda shampoos and conditioners.

JULIANNE HOUGH at Spike Tvs Guys Choice Awards

Paint the pout in unique hues

Eyes and lips are the most important features on the face of woman and Gwen Stefani believes that it is the colors on her lips that make her unique. The celebrity mixes a number of colors to get the desired effect. She uses Pantene Pro-V Style Sheer Volume Hairspray on her hair that she loves to play with and also applies MAC Matte Lipstick, preferably in Russian Red.

Gwen Stefani

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