Ensure Intensive Body Care to Remain Beautiful

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Beauty applies to the overall appearance of a person. Looking good or being beautiful does not merely take into consideration the appearance of just the face. Instead, it goes deeper and applies to the entire body. Beauty covers not just the external aspects but the internal aspects of a person as well. It does not just require the physical fitness but goes deeper to ensure mental and psychological peace. Beauty thus takes into consideration the functioning of the entire body and also that of the mind. Here are some of the complete body care tips that help to be beautiful from within.

body care tips

  • Essential oils will add both aroma to the bath and nourish the body while invigorating it. Six drops of any essential oil, such as that of lavender or grapefruit or rosemary or any other oil, will do the work of energizing while the aroma would freshen up the mind. In case of epilepsy or pregnancy, consultation with the doctor should be done before using essential oils.
  • After the essential oils are added, the bath should be kept closed for two or three minutes before entering. This is because the oils would start evaporating and the aroma would be in the air when stepped inside the bath. This aroma bath ensures complete body care.
  • Baths taking ten or twenty minutes should be kept away because bathing dehydrates the body.
  • Sauna bath is the best for cleansing the entire body. Most of the toxins that are present superficially are washed away with sweat. It is best to have a sauna bath after exercise. This will flush out the lactic acid from the muscles. However, following sauna, a cool shower should be taken and lots of water along with fluids should be taken.
  • Moisturizing should be done on a regular basis for intense body care. After bathing, shower and exfoliation, moisturizing is crucial for the body to ensure a soft and smooth skin. Two teaspoons of essential oils should always be added to the bath water. Sesame oil or avocado oil is good for dry skin, whereas almond, jojoba, apricot or vitamin E rich oil is good for normal skin, and safflower oil, or calendula, or camelia is good for oily skin.
  • The area around the eye is delicate and needs careful but intense moisturizing.
  • Bags under eyes can be treated with anything that is cool. A slice of refrigerated cucumber can be just great for removing all the puffiness.
  • Tired eyes can be treated back to life with teabags. The teabags should be immersed in hot water and lifted up. Excess moisture should be squeezed out and allowed to cool which should then be patted gently on the eyes. Following this a cool cucumber slice should be kept on the eyes. The eyes should then be rinsed with cold water and patted dry.
  • A good lip balm should always be kept handy to keep the lips healthy, hydrated, and luscious. Vitamin E oil should be used alternatively.

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