Essential Eye Care Tips for Everyone

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The importance of eye care is sufficiently signified by the fact that human brains collect more information from eyes than all other organs combined. The advancement of technology has introduced sophisticated devices to which humans remain glued more than ever. Therefore, without proper care, eyes remain vulnerable to various issues and disorders. The suggestions that follow can be helpful to several people.

Change of Focus

Looking away from the point of concentration for a few minutes after about every hour is good for maintenance of continuous concentration. Such visual breaks enhance foci of eyes.

change of focus

Eye Exercise

Continuous concentration strains eye. A minute or two of eye exercises can be started with a few blinks of the eyelid. Secondly, eyeballs can be rolled clockwise and anticlockwise while eyes are kept shut. A deep breath has to be inhaled and eyes should be slowly opened while the air is exhaled. This can be repeated for about a minute.

eye exercises

Healthy Food

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are beneficial for eye care. Incorporation of citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, spinaches, poultry and dairy products, carrots, cucumbers and fresh fruits to meals and habitual eating would ensure nourishment from inside.

Healthy Food


People who use contact lenses should not wear them for more than 14 hours in a day. Besides, people should not swim or go near heat or fire wearing their contact lenses.


Palm Therapy

This simple eye care therapy is done by rubbing both palms against each other. Palms can be placed on eyes or circled around like cups for about a minute when they get heated due to rubbing. This technique soothes eyes and can be done as many times as required.

Splashing Water

Eyes should be splashed with water whenever people get a break from their business. It refreshes and relaxes the eyes apart from removing unwanted particles for them.


Tea Bags

Tea bags that are refrigerated for 8-10 hours can be placed on eyes while people relax. Tea bags soothe eyes as well as reduce puffiness.

tea bags on eyes


A stroll in an open area for a few minutes provides fresh air and sights to eyes. It is leisure for eyes during business and helps eyes to re-energize while it does not concentrate on anything.

walk outside


Consumption of water in plenty helps rehydrate the entire body and thus, eyes too. This is the simplest eye care that regulates fluid and even reduces puffiness.

plenty water

In addition to the above stated eye care tips, regular visits to the Ophthalmologist should be taken whenever any unusual issue occurs. People who already wear spectacles or contact lenses should visit an Ophthalmologist routinely after every year or two. Besides, alcohol is bad for eyes as it is for the entire human body. Certain degree of carefulness is enough to maintain one of the most precious gifts of nature.

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