Best Methods to Remove Bikini Hair

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It takes a lot to get a bikini-friendly body but bikini hair might just spoil the entire effort. The battle against removal of excess hair is something which women are fighting for centuries. There for it is essential to follow some best ways to remove bikini hair.

Laser treatment

This treatment should always be done by a licensed doctor or clinician. Unwanted hairs get removed by electrolysis where an electric needle conducts an electrical current by probing into single hairs, killing the root (hair follicle) and preventing re-growth. Laser light’s pulsation is used in killing the hair growth. The aim here is to remove hairs permanently.

Not only is the process safe but is touted by many to be amongst the best ways to remove bikini hair. The perfect candidates for this process are women with light skin and dark hair. But one should remember the fact that these procedures are quite expensive and requires quite a number of visits before sending all the hairs packing. Also, the process can be very painful.

Best Methods to Remove Bikini Hair


It is an easy out but one needs to keep in mind certain factors before actually shaving. A pair of scissors needs to be used in trimming the hair first. Next, one should be cleaning the region with lukewarm water. Now, shaving cream or gel needs to be applied and allow it to stay for some minutes before starting to shave. Legs need to be kept apart and the skin needs to be stretched by using one hand. Now only a razor can be used to shave the area but without any rush. Once done, the area needs to be washed thoroughly with water to remove any leftover cream or gel and pat the area dry. To avoid redness and itching sensations, a light moisturizer can be applied.


The method might be painful but gives long lasting and better results. Moreover it is certainly amongst the easiest ways to remove bikini hair. This is perfect for those who do not want to remove all hair but instead have a clear bikini line. Waxing ensures that the skin appears as smooth as silk with no growth for several weeks. The market is filled with DIY kits but it is recommended that one visits salon or spa. However, one should always keep in mind to make sure that their preferred salon is hygienic and clean and uses throwaway waxing strips.

Hair removal creams or depilatories

These lotions and creams use a certain kind of a chemical compound intended in dissolving the proteins which make up hair. One of the best ways to remove bikini hair, depilatories leaves a smoother, rounded edge. There are certain factors which need to be considered before choosing one. Stronger creams can cause rashes and itching as it irritates the skin. Moreover, the milder ones won’t be giving the desired results. The cream needs to be tested on the leg or arm first before proceeding to the bikini region.

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