Take Good Lip Care to Have Luscious Lips

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Shapely lips when dry and chapped can have no appeal. Dried lips can play the spoilsport and ruin the facial beauty. There are a number of products available in the market, starting from lip balms, lip liners and ending in lip colors. But nothing can make lips look appealing when they lack nourishment and care. Here are some of the lip care tips that will not only ensure healthier lips but would help women sport luscious lips at all times.

Lip Care

  • Lips should be cleaned every night before going to bed. The cleaning process is simple and easy and does not take time, but would eventually help in having healthier lips. Cotton ball should be dampened in a cleanser or plain water and rubbed on the lips. This will remove the dead cells and dirt.


  • Oil should be used for massaging the lips every day, most preferably at night so that the lips are moist throughout the next day. Massaging oil gently on the lips for 5 to 10 minutes regularly will keep the lips healthier.


  • It is good to have a cream with vitamins A and E always. The cream can be applied with a cotton ball when the lips are dried, chapped and then washed off with plain water after some time.


  • Good quality lipsticks are good for lips. Lipsticks when put on before stepping out, protects the lips against dust, dirt, and sun. They also keep the lips moisturized and soft.


  • Proper hydration is as much required for lip care. Drinking fluids and fruit juices will help in keeping the lips moisturized and hydrated. The body, when properly moisturized, would keep the lips hydrated.


  • Having luscious lips is what every woman desires. But this can be possible only when the lips are well nourished from within. For this, the diet chart should contain healthy items. Raw vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A, B, and C should be included in the diet.


  • For removing the dead cells, dry washcloth can be rubbed on the lips to give them a healthy look.


  • It is better to apply some lip balm which has sunscreen before stepping out. When lipstick is worn over the balm, it keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated for a longer period.


  • Smoking is as bad for the lips as it is for the overall health of a person. It makes the lips darker and chapped. The cream from curd can be applied with saffron to make the lips appear pink.


  • Licking lips is not a very good habit as it robs the lips of moisture and makes them appear drier. The faster the habit is ridden the better it is for the lips.


  • Petroleum jelly ensures good lip care for dry lips when outdoors. It should be carried along when stepping out of home.

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