8 Steps for a Perfect DIY Manicure

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The pampering feel that we all get in the saloon does not always gel with the resources that we have, as in time and more important – the money. So, reserve the spa treatment for your nails on special occasions and get your knowledge upped with the right techniques to make your hands feel special by home treatments. Here are some tips, if rightly used, could win you a lot of praise among your friend circles and family members.

Step 1: Assemble the Essentials


Before starting out, spread out the right stuff required to do the job with ultimate finesse. Here’s what you need for that perfect manicure.

  • Nail polish remover – preferably a non-acetone one along with cotton balls
  • A glass or crystal nail file
  • Hand cream for cuticle
  • Nail polish
  • Buffing block
  • Scrub to exfoliate
  • Orangewood stick
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail polish

Step 2: Set Your Work Space Right


Cosmetics like remover and the nail polish can damage cloth. Scout for your old clothes and cover your work area with paper so that it absorbs the spill and spatter associated with the process. Have no valuable accessories around you while doing this wonderful task. That ways, you help yourself enjoy the manicure.

Step 3: Get Rid of Your Old Nail Paint


If you wish to apply new coats frequently, that is, if your nail polish remover has a regular job then prefer non-acetone one. Acetone removers can be used once-in-a-blue moon, reason being acetone is capable of damaging the nails.

Step 4: Scrub Away


Removing a dark polish could leave behind some residue on your nails. Whiten them by soaking them for a minute in a solution that has hot water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  Otherwise, simply take a toothbrush, apply a whitening toothpaste on it and scrub the stains with it.

Step 5: File the Nails


Use clippers or a file to give your nails a nice shape. Nice means a bit square and a bit oval. Again, ensure that all nails are at the same length. A crystal nail file or a glass file will do a good job here. Both the types prevent splitting and peeling. Finally use a buffing block to smoothen your nail’s surface.

Step 6: Exfoliate


Take Sephora’s Smoothing Body Scrub and gently brush away the dry, dead cells. Your skin feels like silk now. Make sure that you soak the skin a little before you exfoliate to get better results. Most of the people skip this step but just try and see for a perfect manicure.

Step 7: Cuticle Care


Gently, rub a bit of oil on your cuticles to soften them. Now they feel soft and nice. Then use an orangewood stick to push them a little for a really nice shape. The stick also helps clean the dirt accumulated under the nail. Now massage it with a vitamin-rich moisturizer.

Step 8: Coat Well


Apply three coats: Base Coat: a thin one to smooth the edges and create a uniform surface for your color. Then give a second coat. Here, polish the nail at the center first and then go to each side. The thinner the layer, the better the result. Thus the polish will dry quickly and stay for long.

Some Tips to Remember

# When applying the top coat, move the brush alongside the top edge which is the non-cuticle side of the nail. This prevents chipping as it seals in the nail polish’s raw edge. Prefer a rubberized base coat. The rubberized effect helps in getting the polish to stick longer.

# It’s possible to do away with your mistakes. Just get your old eyeliner brush or paintbrush that you no longer need. Dip it into the nail polish remover and gently erase the haphazardness done.

#If you want to try a bit further… Have you ever thought of a fishnet manicure? You think it’s tedious? Naah! Take a loofah and press its netting to the polish. And there you are with a wonderful checkered pattern.

Enjoy the process and don’t be in a hurry. Put on some good music and relax while you pamper yourself and your nails.

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