10 Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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Every girl is fond of having gorgeous looks that help in producing a great effect on her partner. It is very important for a girl to choose classy wardrobe and even matching accessories that can help a lot but at the same time it is also important that the makeup should be done in the perfect manner so that real magic is created. Trying out perfect makeup tricks means mixing and matching makeup gadgets already available with a little bit of creativity that can help in providing the perfect look. Try out the 10 makeup tricks every girl should know that have been discussed below.

1. Eye makeup

Eye makeup

Eye makeup should always be interesting and fun and therefore it is very important to add great colors like violet, purple and lavender to eye makeup so that they can render great look to the eyes. Eye makeup with glimmer can also be used for night parties because this gives a unique look to the eyes. Different shades of blue and pink can also be used for the eyes.

2. Pink lipsticks

Pink lipsticks

Lipsticks constitute one of the most important parts of makeup and pink shades of lipsticks should always be chosen by women with fair skin. Darker tones of pink can be used by women with dark skin in order to produce a beautiful effect. It is also a very good option to go for a natural look by the use of nude lipstick with a lip gloss touch.

3. Never overdo foundation

natural look

Foundations can always be used but it is not a good idea to overdo the foundation because this can spoil the entire makeup. Fresh and natural look can be achieved with the use of light foundation.

4. Apply blush at right spot

Apply blush at right spot

Peach and pink colored blush can be used for the cheeks but it is important to apply the blush at the correct spot otherwise it would render a very bizarre appearance.

5. Choose home remedies

drink enough water

Home remedies are always helpful in getting a fresh looking and perfect makeup. Drinking plenty of water is absolutely necessary for keeping the skin glowing, vibrant and alive.

6. Pay attention to your arms and legs

Pay attention to your arms and legs

There are many people who always pay attention to their face while applying makeup while the skin of the arms and the legs are completely avoided. In order to get a look that is considered to be ideal makeup, it is important to pay attention to the arms and the legs and make sure that they also appear as vibrant as the face.

7. Use pressed powder

Use pressed powder

Pressed powder can be applied on the lipstick that is being used in order to produce a sparkling effect that completes the look. The lipstick stands out dramatically by the use of this method as the unwanted oils present in the lipstick are drained out and the color of the lipstick appears much deeper.

8. Foundation for lips

Foundation for lips

This is one beauty trick that every girl should know where the foundation can be used on the lips instead of the lipstick in order to get a natural look. A lip gloss can also be used after the foundation dries up.

9. Proper brushing of hair

Proper brushing of hair

The hair plays an important role in beautifying and therefore in order to maintain the health and the shine of the hair it is important to brush hair regularly as it would stimulate the follicles and also helps in avoiding split ends.

10. Using lotions and moisturizers

Using lotions and moisturizers

Lotions and moisturizers should always be used to maintain moisture and suppleness of skin. Baby oil can also work wonders in this respect and this point is considered to be one of the most important of the 10 makeup tricks every girl should know.

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