10 Awesome Eye Makeup Ideas for Asians

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Asian women are considered to be very beautiful and this is the main reason behind laying great stress on the various makeup regimens that they practice. Below there are the 10 awesome eye makeup ideas for Asians that can be taken into consideration for excellent and attractive eyes.

1. Eye shadow

Eye shadow

A smoky effect for the eyes can be created by the use of bronze, gold, light pink and beige eye shadows that help in drawing the attention of a person towards the eyes. Light and soft eye shadows can also be used because they help in rendering a sophisticated look. Two colors should not be used in eye shadows by Asian girls because they are not able to carry the look.

2. Eyeliner


The thin eye liner should be used that compliments with the skin color that is usually not very fair. Dark lines can be used on the upper eyelids but they should not be used on the lower ones because this would make the eyes appear very dark and at the same time small.

3. Mascara


Right mascara should be applied in two coats to add volume and length to the eyelashes. Short eyelashes are common is Asian women, therefore they must try to thick mascara for their eyelashes.

4. Eye gel

Eye gel

Applying the eye gel is a very important step in eye makeup that many Asian women tend to ignore. An eye gel must always be handy so that the eyes can be rehydrated and rejuvenated.

5. Concealer


A concealer should also be used after applying the eye shadow because it helps in keeping the skin around the eyes glowing, healthy and replenished that invites attention.

6. Use refrigerated eye makeup

Use refrigerated eye makeup

The eye makeup products that are supposed to be used on the eyes should be refrigerated because this would avoid any instances of smudging of the makeup.

7. White eye pencil

White eye pencil

An eye pencil that is white in color can be used to line the internal areas of the lower eyelashes which would render a bright effect to the eyes and would appear to be great for Asian women.

8. De-puffing is important

De-puffing is important

It is very important to de-puff the eyes before applying makeup and this can be done by lying down with the eyes shut and placing a cucumber slice on each eye.

9. Metallic eye shadow

Metallic eye shadow

A metallic eye shadow can always be used for glamour which can produce great results as perfect eye makeup for a night out.

10. Eyebrow grooming

Eyebrow grooming

Grooming the eyebrows from time to time is very important. There is no need to pluck the eyebrows on a regular basis. They can just be combed upwards and then trimmed with the use of small scissors.

The eyelashes should be combed after applying the mascara which would help in separating the eyelashes and avoids clumping and flaking of any kind. These are the 10 awesome eye makeup ideas for Asians that can always be used for great results.

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