10 Celebrity Eye Makeup Trends

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The beauty of the eye is unmatched and women usually tend to accentuate the beauty of their eyes in order to attract the attention of people. Eye makeup plays a very important role in enhancing the overall beauty of women and therefore the 10 celebrity eye makeup trends that are very popular this season have been discussed below.

1. Metallic eye makeup

Metallic eye makeup

Metallic shades of gold, silver and copper are very popular this season. They make a woman appear very sexy and they also serve to be just perfect for adding to the glamorous and beautiful look of a woman.

2. Silvery eye shadow

There are many celebrities now-a-days who are found using silvery eyeshadow in the eye corners along with frosty makeup. Silvery eyeshadow is considered to be very good for getting a glitzy look and at the same time it also makes the eyes pop put.

3. Pigmented blush with copper eyeshadow

Pigmented blush with copper eyeshadow

There are many celebrities who possess great skin but they look utterly charming by the use of a pigmented blush with copper eyeshadow. This renders a very radiant look. Instead of copper, women can also try using metallic, pinks and golds on the cheeks and the eyes to get a beaming natural glow.

4. Sparkling eyeliner

Most of the celebrities are found flaunting sparkling eyeliners for getting a dazzling effect for the eyes. The sparkling eyeliner can be used just on the inner corners of the eye in order to create a romantic and pretty look.

5. Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are considered to be traditional now but they can be mixed up with the use of copper or metallic eye shadow. Pewter and bronze eyeshadows can be used for creating that perfect look that appears quite sultry.

6. Frosty eye shadow

Frosty eyeshadow can also be used on the eyes in order to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Frosty and iridescent eyeshadow along with a pinch of lavender makes the eyes look perfect and at the same time lighted up.

7. Soft eye makeup

Soft eye makeup

Soft eye makeup can always be used with smoky eyes. Smoky eyes are considered to be very tricky but they can turn out to be sultry by the use of smudgy and soft eye makeup. A brush can always be used for blending the eyeshadow and Q-tip can be used for smudging the eyeliner.

8. Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can make the eyes look sweet and seductive. This is a kind of liner that needs to be used for dark and thick lining with an upward sweep over the eyes that will help in demanding attention.

9. Dark liner

Dark liner

For women who love small eyes, dark eyeliner is considered to be the perfect choice but for those who look for wide eyes; liners should always be used on the top lash line. Along with this, a dreamy and soft eye shadow should be used to get a good look.

10. Bright eye shadows

Bright eyeshadows are recommended by celebrities because they make a woman show off their flirty and fun side. These are the 10 celebrity eye makeup trends that celebrities love to flaunt and they even recommend these trends for the general public.

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