Fall 2013 Makeup Collection to Look Smart and Beautiful

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Fall is a beautiful season and a season which is marked as the beginning of the winter season when women are in the utmost necessity of fall 2013 makeup collection that can give them a beautiful look. It is a season that is not very chilled but it is cool enough and is even quite comfortable. The leaves start falling off the branches and they also go through a complete change in the way they appear as they are also in the process of getting themselves ready for the winters when they would get new leaves coming in. The fall season serves as the best season especially for women to try out new makeup collections and the different trends that come up in fashion very often.

The makeup styles that are practiced during the fall season are quite different from those that are practiced during the summer, spring or winter because there is a lot of difference in the weather and the colors that are associated with fall. There are certain makeup collections that have to be taken special care of during the fall in order to lend a glowing look to the face. They are as follows:

Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

Natural foundation

Heavy and caked makeup collection is not recommended for this season because it can turn out to be very irritating to the skin. Light and natural foundation that comes with the fall 2013 makeup collection should be chosen instead in order to provide a glowing look to the skin of the face. It would also be advised that using foundation would not be a good idea, instead using a loose powder or a primer can serve as the best makeup base for a girl or a woman.

Make one feature stand out

It is always better to emphasize one facial feature in order to make it stand out by applying makeup. It can either be the eyes or the lips where applying red lipstick or doing some elaborate eye makeup will work. It is always better to emphasize the features with colors that would suit them. This is also a tip that can be adhered to while applying makeup during all seasons.

Waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup is very important during the fall season because this season is accompanied with a lot of rainfall and it becomes quite embarrassing if your makeup gets washed off with some rainfall.


It is very important to use a humidifier during the fall season in order to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Due to the loss in the humidity of the air during the fall season, the top layer of the skin begins to get dry and the fireplaces and space heaters do not have any effect on the skin. Therefore, it is very important to use a humidifier for the skin during the fall season.

Eye shadow

In the fall 2013 makeup collection eye shadow is a must for those who are going for a party or a night out with friends. It gives a very bold look to the face and if the color chosen is peach, purple or pink then it can always work wonders for the eyes.

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