The Top 10 Cruelty-Free Makeup Products

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The beauty of a woman is something very special and it is only because of this reason that a woman delves deep into getting the top 10 cruelty-free makeup products so that she can enhance her beauty and her look without causing any damage to her glowing skin. The best cruelty free make up essentials are a must have in the make-up kit of a woman and they have been listed her under.

Mally beauty shadow sticks

Mally beauty shadow sticks are very common among women because of the all in one quality of these sticks. They can be used for shadow base, primer and eye shadow because of which they are so very famous among women. These sticks can also be used as eye liners.

Mally beauty shadow sticks

Silk naturals eye color

The eye colors from silk naturals are smudge proof, luminous and well pigmented and are made out of silica that helps in absorbing the excess oil and keeping the color crease free for several hours.


Tarina Tarantino cream blush

The cream blushes from Tarina Tarantino are not only gorgeous but at the same time they are subtle enough and blends with the skin to give a sparkling look into the face of a woman.

Tarina Tarantino cream blush

Urban decay eye pencil

The eye pencil from urban decay is of top priority among women as a cruelty free make up essential because of the fact that this eye pencil can also be used as an eye shadow. They are the best products that can be used for long hours.

Urban decay eye pencil

Milani eye shadow

These eye shadows are very rich in colors and at the same time they can also be used as liners. They are very smooth, water resistant, long lasting and even crease proof.

Milani eye shadow

Cream blush from nyx rouge

This is a very natural and very nice brand of cream blush available and is famous because of the glorious and long lasting effect of its cream blush.

Cream blush from nyx rouge

Tarte water proof liner

The eye liner from tarte is also considered as the best cruelty free make up essential because of the quality that it possesses. The eye liner gives an amazing look if applied properly and it is also smudge proof.

Tarte water proof liner

Crème colour concentrate from OCC

This is a multipurpose product that comes in nine shades and can be used anywhere on the face as an according to the choice of a woman. It adds glamour and beauty to the skin of a woman.

Crème colour concentrate from OCC

NARS sticks

These sticks from NARS can be used for different kinds of applications. They can also be used anywhere on the face starting from the eyes, the cheeks, the lips and the entire body.

NARS sticks

Urban decay lipstick

This is a very famous item in the list of the top 10 cruelty-free makeup products because of the color quality that it possesses and also because of the look that it renders to a woman.

Urban decay lipstick

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