Force Fitness Tracker Over Skin Irritation Recalled by Fitbit

admin February 25, 2014 Comments Off on Force Fitness Tracker Over Skin Irritation Recalled by Fitbit

Fitbit, the fitness tracker manufacturer, has started recalling the Force wristband after receiving complaints from users about skin irritation.

Priced at $130, Fitbit Force monitors daily activity levels when worn around the wrist. It hit the market during the later part of last year. But starting this year, some users started coming in with stories and complaints about hideous skin rashes.

Force Fitness Tracker Recalled by Fitbit

During this time, the company apologized and started offering replacements and refunds to such users who had suffered skin reactions. But on February 20th, co- founder and CEO James Park said that they are recalling the product voluntarily. He reported that according to an analysis done by the company, around 1.7% of Force users had complained of skin irritation. Results showed that these rashes were not caused by the electrical systems or battery of the fitness tracker but likely to be an outcome of contact dermatitis. It is a type of skin inflammation which is caused by exposing oneself to an irritant such as hair dye. Also it can be caused by a reaction to an innocuous substance such as nickel which is used in the metal parts of the wristband.

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