Sabag Brothers Back With Saryna Key Hair Care

admin1 July 5, 2013 Comments Off on Sabag Brothers Back With Saryna Key Hair Care

Moroccan oil founders Sabag brothers who took the hair care industry by storm with their Moroccan oil products are back with a bang!

The Israeli Pioneers, Mike Sabag and Erik Sabag were the mastermind behind their multimillion dollar Moroccan oil brand. They later sold this brand in 2008 to their North American distributors and are back with new one, Saryna Key. They have a shop situated at Concord to make it a gateway to the U.S. market.


But it is not an easy task to establish as a pioneer in this industry as L’Oreal and P&G own about one third of the market in Canada alone based on the reports by euro monitor International. The President of Toronto Barber & Beauty Supply said that when you have a new product, it has to convince the stylist who will then recommend to his client who will then like it.

This means that only the best one will win. He also cited several brands that have won so far like Pureology which boasts of its sulphate free products and Amika that has Siberian sea buckthorn berries as its main ingredient. But irrespective of all these facts, the Sabag brothers are working hard in gaining a good market for their new brand.

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