Skin Care Serum Developed by Kiwi Company Grabbing Attention

admin June 13, 2013 Comments Off on Skin Care Serum Developed by Kiwi Company Grabbing Attention

New Zealand based skincare company MitoQ has come up with an anti-ageing serum for the beauty business industry.

Greg Macpherson, the CEO of the company stated that the company is quite excited about this product and putting in its full effort to support the product in different markets.

He has already tried to capture the attention of the markets in Britain and United States through narrating the scientific development process behind the serum.


As per Macpherson, the primary competitors of MitoQ come in the likes of Privage and StriVectin. However, he believes that co-Q developed by MitoQ certainly stands a chance over its competitors. The company is also expected to launch different health supplements in the month of September and even supplements related to oral health.

Co-Q10 is used in the products of different companies like the premium ranges from Nivea where it has been the primary element since a long time. But, Macpherson feels that if a positive charge is attached to co-Q then it is possible to make the product extremely effective unlike most of the topical co-Q formulas that are available.

The product is slowly getting the attention it requires especially in U.S markets and next plans are to introduce it to the Asian markets.

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