The Asian Beauty Boom Driven by the Conscious Men from China

admin February 19, 2014 Comments Off on The Asian Beauty Boom Driven by the Conscious Men from China

The beauty markets of China have seen a drastic expansion over the last decade. However, if you are wondering that it’s just the women who have driven the industry to this level then hold on. As per the new reports by the latest survey done by Kantar Worldpanel the male consumers from the country of China as well as other Eastern countries in Asia have men who have been a major driving force to the personal grooming markets development.

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The male grooming market in China alone has risen faster than the markets of the women. It has reached 7% growth in 2013 while the overall growth has been 5%. As per the report findings it is believed that this is the main reason due to the emergence of grooming brands in the market over the years. Another striking revelation of the report was that the males were that about 4 out of 5 Chinese were very conscious about how they looked. They are paying more and more attention to the way they looked. The number one reason cited for this revelation has been the fact that men are giving consideration to their appearance to feel better as well as much more comfortable.

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