Two New Acne – Fighting Products Launched by Murad

admin February 26, 2014 Comments Off on Two New Acne – Fighting Products Launched by Murad

Skincare brand Murad Inc. added two additional new products to its Acne line recently- Acne Clearing Solution and Acne Spot Fast Fix.

Known for its science- based, high- performance products, Murad has made sure that their latest offerings reduce breakouts quickly and effectively by aiming and nursing acne- causing debris and bacteria without causing irritation. 96% of the users who used Acne Clearing Solution saw clearer skin within 72 hours, while Acne Spot Fast Fix (SFF) took just a day to reduce pimple severity.

Two New Acne- Fighting Products Launched by Murad

Acne SFF is also the first- ever product from Murad to feature Benzoyl Peroxide or BPO. Before this, Murad’s Acne formulas used to be based on Sulphur and Salicylic Acid. Until now, the only kind of BPO that was available was likely to cause dryness, redness, extreme irritation and in some cases, a burning sensation. With advancement in technology, Murad was able to come up with Acne SFF, utilizing Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide that is to be delivered via hydrophase. This allows the formula to penetrate the pores nicely rather than just sit on the surface of the skin, thereby delivering BPO’s acne- fighting power without causing irritation.

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