Beauty Essentials – Are Expensive Skin Creams Really Worth It?

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Exquisite packaging, intoxicating scent and a silky and lightest formula all make us go carte blanche with our money when it comes to buying luxury skin care products. But are these expensive skin care products really worth buying? They are! But only when the ingredients used in them are more powerful and better on skin when compared to their wallet-friendly counterparts. Here are some eye-opening facts to check while buying luxury skin care products.



When we spend an awful lot of money for just a pot of face scream we all expect that what is inside the artful package to be what we have paid for. We all assume that shelling out more money for a beauty product means better ingredients and better technology in their making. But this is not the case all the time. Most of the prominent brands often take a skin formula that is really doing well in the market and repackage it for their brand. The only difference here is their addition of the so-called ‘super’ ingredient – say a signature scent or a proprietary ingredient – but the base products is almost the same. So, check the base product and if you can get it for cheap; just go ahead.


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While we all fall for gorgeous packaging great skin products also come in simple packaging sometimes. If you have a chance, test out the product to save yourself a whole lot of regret later. Most of the brands offer free test samples prior to their launching which could be a too good way to test and see all by yourself. A straighter frying your ends after one stroke; eye shadows creasing your eyelids within an hour; lipsticks drying out the lips too early; and blush sliding off your cheeks quickly are all signs of poor quality ingredients. We all tend to believe that it has something to do with our oily skin or our hair – but more often it’s likely that the products are of poor quality.



One of the advantages of going for high priced skin care products is that the companies shell out thousands of dollars into their research to bring out the best products. However, it is better to perform a check and see if such products from beauty professionals are proven to treat all the layers of skin and if they are suitable to use during pregnancy due to their use of essential oils for soothing the skin while also rejuvenating it. The products should also be tested in-vitro and in-vivo and recommended by gynaecologists after extensive trails on pregnant women. This means that you do not have to worry about any negative effects harming you or your baby while you want to indulge in some beauty regime.

Read Reviews


Know what people who have already used a product are saying about it on social media or look out for product reviews and press releases. But take them with a grain of salt as some of the companies hire people to write positive reviews and comments. However, if people love a product, they do really want to share their experience. So it’s better to go by average ‘star’ rating rather turn it down or buy it based on just one or two reviews.

There are always few tricks of trade that will help you bag the right product for a great price. But not all products come cheap. All you need to know is how to pick the right product even if it is a little pricey and also to stay away from cheap imitation. Beauty products give us hope and we all want those exquisite bottles in our cabinets to crawl back into time and make those fine lines disappear. Staying informed and giving thought to some basic checks will always help you in finding the best products possible.

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