The 10 Best Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

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Most of the times women find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to visiting the nearby departmental store to buy few basic make up items. In fact, watching different beauty products while walking through aisles is one of the biggest headaches for most of the women and asking the sales assistant to give them little more information about the particular product makes it even worse. TO help you in all these situations, here are the 10 beauty products every woman should owe in her makeup kit.

1. Foundation


First and foremost thing is to owe a great foundation to ensure that you have flawless looking skin. The coverage or formula this particular beauty product gives you depends entirely on you. No matter you shop for foundation through high end cosmetics or affordable price tags, just make sure that you get something that is perfect to match your particular skin tone.

2. Mascara


Mascara is the second thing that you apply almost every day in your life. In fact, it is one of the best formulas for most of the women out there because it helps them to highlight and enhance their natural lashes while defining them. Its wondering that how much beautiful a woman can look just by applying a coat of mascara.

3. Lip colour

Lip colour

Lip colour is another must have for your ready to go make up kit. It comes with wide range of colours to suit your desired looks and particular natural lip colour. However, it’s better to choose a lip colour in a shade that is slightly darker than your natural lip colour.

4. Blush


Blush is one of the best and most important multi-tasker when it comes to an everyday make up kit. It instantly brightens your face. At the same time, by applying blush in right areas of your face you can make it appear as if you have recently lost few pounds. You can use it even for your eye makeup. A light pink shade is the best colour to go for every woman.

5. Highlighter


Highlighter or a light shade eye shadow is one of the greatest ways to shine and sparkle wherever you go. Always try to use the lightest shade of makeup in the compact to do this.

6. Gloss


Gloss is the best way to highlight your mascara and make your looks simply irresistible. It is the perfect thing to go even with a regular day at the office or a casual day time outing.

7. Eye liner

Eye liner

Eye liner is yet another important part of everyday’s women make up needs. Just few strokes of eye liner can greatly enhance your eye looks. Actually, liner helps your eyes to look bigger and more definitive. Black and brown eyeliner can perfectly suit light coloured eyes while blue and green is the option to go with dark eyes.

8. Shadow


Shadow is another make up item that helps to significantly enhance your eye makeup and make it more appealing.

9. Concealer


Make sure to owe two different types of concealers in your daily make up kit, one for your regular face and one for the delicate eye area of your face.

10. Cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes

Last but not the least is to have cleaning wipes, make up remover and a cleaning mask to take off your make up at the end of the day.

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