5 Eye Makeup Products That Beautify Your Eyes

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Eyes speak! Yes, eyes tell the personality of an individual. Working on the eyes does half the work in enhancing the looks of a woman. In fact, women of all ages have given extra attention to the beautification of their eyes. While most of the women believe that using expensive eye makeup products can help them to have beautiful eyes, it is an entirely wrong notion. Whereas using the best quality products is always recommended, it also necessitates mastering the art of wearing the right makeup. Wise selection has to be made in buying of the products so that they match the skin tone, and color of the eyes and brows. Here are mentioned some of the eye makeup products and the ways in which they are to be used.

1. Eye shadow kits

Most women are seen carrying a huge kit containing eye shadows. Such kits have as many as 15 different shades. These eye shadow kits are preferred by those that have a fascination for sporting changed look every time. Such eye shadow kits have shades starting from the neutral and going up to the darkest of the shades.

Eyeshadow kits

2. The color wheel

The color wheel is another thing that most women prefer to possess. The color wheel offers a huger range of colors that contain both natural and dark shades. The colors can be blended when required. These are eye shadows that can be worn both wet and dry. A guide is often provided so as to help the user in gaining ideas about the blending and mixing of colors and the suitability of different colors to different eyes.

The color wheel eyes

3. Concealer

This is the base product used in eye makeup. A concealer, much as the name suggests, conceals or hides the undesirable skin tones or marks around the eyes. The region around the eyes can sometimes appear to be of a darker tone than the rest of the face. What the concealer actually does is balancing the skin tone near the eyes with the rest if the face. One thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a concealer is to see if it comes nearest to the skin tone. The eye makeup products are applied when the concealer is patted dry.


4. Eyeliner

Eyeliners are the most common thing to be found in the bags of women along with kohl pencils. Eyeliner is used for defining the shape of the eyes. Eyeliners are applied on the upper and lower eye lids nearest to the respective lash lines to make the eyes look more prominent.


5. Mascara

This is one among the eye makeup products and it is used for adding volume to the eye lashes. Mascara is applied on the eye lashes to make them appear denser and larger, offering a dramatic and appealing effect to the eyes.

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