Best Lip Balms to Nourish the Lips and Make Them Attractive

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Lips are also part of the skin and they are very similar to the skin that covers the entire body and therefore it is very important to use the best lip balms in order to maintain the healthy condition of the lips. Lips are constantly kept wet due to the tongue, the water and the food that we take and at the same time it has also been found that they even get dry by the breathe that we take in. There are continuous drying and wetting cycles that the lips are exposed to and therefore it is very important to take proper care of the lips by using some balms and moisturizers that can avoid the lips from getting dry or wet.

Often it is also found that if the lips are exposed to a lot of sun then they even get burnt and cracked which can always be treated by applying some balms that work best in this respect. A lot of relief can be found in balms especially during the winters when the dry air destroys the moisture content of the lips. Lip balms offer natural oil to the skin that offers great advantage to the lips.

Lip balm

Balms containing sunscreen

The bright sun is one of the deadliest enemies of the lips and therefore it is very important to use lip balms that contain sunscreen in order to keep the lips in good condition during summers or even in other seasons when people plan for some outing in the sun for long hours. Lip protectors can also be tried pout in this respect as they are known to work well for the lips.

Scented balms

Lemon balms and manuka balms contain nourishing oils in them that are scented which can sooth the cold sores on the lips. Even coconut and orange oils can work as best lip balms that can be used for the health of the lips.

All-in-one lip balms

These are the lip balms that contain different things, like almond oil, grapefruit oil, vitamin E, lime oil and even palm oil. All these oils are said to work for the advantages of the lips and they also do the job of breath fresheners. Peppermint leaf oil is also an addition that can be made to this group of oils.

Moisturizing balm

Coconut cream lip balm is the best example of lip balms derived from plants that can add a lot of moisture to the skin. Lip therapy is the other type of product or a lip balm that avoids lip chapping. The lip therapy formula also includes orange oil which provides good nourishment to the lips.

Vitamin E and peppermint

A lip balm named Appletini is known for its vitamin E content which works well in treating dry lips. It also acts as a stimulant which softens the lips and gives it the moisture needed. Peppermint lip balms are also the best lip balms that offer a lot of freshness to the lips and even cool the breath with the cooling effect that they possess.

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