Top Lip Care Products from the Best Brands

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Lips are meant to be luscious always. Unfortunately, they are often times the most neglected among the facial features. Whereas women take adequate care of the rest of their body, they most often overlook the need for treating their lips. Lips have a greater tendency to dry up than the other parts of the body, and therefore they are in greater need of moisturizing and hydration. A number of lip care products are available now that ensure complete care and protection of the lips. Here are some of the leading lip care products that offer solution to the dry and chapped lip conditions.

Lip Scrub

Whereas lip balms and moisturizers are applied in plenty, one of the most basic steps is overlooked and that is to get rid of the dead cells. Dead cells accumulating on the lips cause them to look darker and unattractive. Eminence Enzyme exfoliates dead cells allowing the lips to breathe and look healthier. Eminence Enzyme beings the natural tone and colour back to the lips.

Lip Scrub

Soothing Effect

It is unpleasant and uncouth to hide smile behind the palms! Treating dry and chapped lips is what the Vaseline lip balm does. When applied to the lips before going to bed at night, it keeps the lips soft, moistened, hydrated. Applying a number of times throughout the day prevents the lips from becoming chapped and scaly and keeps them smooth and healthy.

Nature’s Best

Lips need to be nourished with oil to be hydrated. However important it might be, it is impossible to carry that whole bottle of oil on the go. The Forest Essential Narangi Lip balm contains cane sugar and organic almond oil. It nourishes the lips and keeps them healthy and hydrated. The added advantage is that the lip balm can be carried along and thus can be applied as and when required.

Tangy Talk

Lips, as they have a greater tendency get dried and hence such lip care products should be used that can stay longer on the lips. The Iraya Green Apple being thicker remains on the lips for longer and thus keeps the lips hydrated for longer. The balm is glossy and offers sheen to the lips.

Sun Safe

The lips need as much protection from the sun’s rays as does the skin. Whereas sunscreens are used for skin, the fact that lips need to be protected from the sun is often times forgotten. Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer is made with SPF 15 that offers protection against the harmful UV rays. It can be used by everyone and has a lovely fragrance.

Fruity Punch

This lip balm from The Body Shop counts among the most popular lip care products and contains raspberry extracts and offers a red tint to the lips besides hydrating them.


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