10 Must Know Facts About Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is essential for application over your face if you are going out to work in broad day light. You should be aware of the must know facts about sunscreen in order to have a glowing skin in the summers too. The sun, in most parts of the world, has turned out to be quite damaging in its impact on skin. Therefore every possible protection has to be taken on your part to ensure that your skin is well covered from the rays of the sun.

While using sun glasses and umbrellas can certainly protect your skin a good deal, the use of sunscreen lotion is what most cosmetologists would recommend. Listed here are 10 of the must know facts about sunscreen.

1. Herbal content

A sunscreen lotion is always herbal in terms of content. As a result it is quite safe to apply over the face. The only thing you have to remember when using these sun screen lotions is to make sure that they have an SPF of 30 and more for more protection from the sun’s harmful UVB rays.

herbal sunscreen lotion spf 30

2. Similar to moisturizer

A sunscreen lotion is not too different in nature from that of a daily moisturizer. It is only slightly more concentrated.

3. Can be applied any time

Sunscreen lotion is something which you can apply over your face at any given time of the day, both in the morning as well as the evening.

4. Keep away from reach of children

Sunscreen should always be kept away from the reach of children especially those which have a high SPF value. High SPF value lotion can cause adverse reactions to appear on the skin of a child if they come in contact with them.

5. Contains sandalwood

Sandalwood powder or sandalwood dust is often used for making sunscreen lotions, making its application quite desirable on a person’s skin. Some of the sunscreen and other skin care products also contain Aloe and other soothing and natural products as their ingredients.

6. Should be applied a hour before going out

You should not make the mistake of applying sunscreen lotion over your face just before you go out. Rather you should apply it an hour before hand to give the lotions sufficient time to protect the skin from the sun’s rays.

7. No side effects

One of the 10 must know facts about sunscreen is that it is not characterized by harmful side effects of any kind. As a result it can be used by people belonging to different age groups.

woman in white bikini applying sunblock at the beach

8. Can be made at home

It is not always necessary to buy sunscreen lotion. It is something you can easily make at home by creating a paste of sandalwood powder and water.

9. Best used with moisturizing lotion

One of the 10 must know facts about sunscreen is that it should always be mixed with moisturizing lotion in order to reap the best possible results.

10. Manufactured for all skin types

Sunscreen can be used by people having just about any type of skin. Sensitive, combination and oily skin are all compatible with the application of sunscreen lotion.

The 10 must know facts about sunscreen are those which you should definitely keep in mind when considering the idea of applying this on your face prior to leaving your home.

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