Salisbury Hospital Launches Moisturiser Cream

admin1 July 9, 2013 Comments Off on Salisbury Hospital Launches Moisturiser Cream

One among the NHS hospitals, Salisbury hospital in Britain has created its first moisturizing cream and has launched it for selling commercially with the aim of using all the profits to be used up for taking care of its patients.

This moisturiser, formulated with 5% of sunflower oil, was tested and launched in April after it was created about 20 years ago. This was earlier used as moisturising cream for patients with plastic surgery and burns which has made it popular among the patients. This has made it to introduce it to the private public.


This moisturizer cream arrives with the name, “My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream” and has two variants which are paraben-free such as unscented one and another with lavender oil. The product is priced at 8.10 Euros for a pack of 100 ml. You can also purchase these at all retail outlets in the hospital, order through telephone or visit the website at

NHS had now produced about 20,000 tubes as its first batch. These tubes are manufactured by The British packaging supplier M&H. The tubes are 35mm in diameter with flexible material and also feature a flip flop cap that has printed in house tubing.

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