10 Bad Skin Habits to Kick in the New Year

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If you are wondering why you do not have a beautiful skin featured in advertisements, then you might have some of the skin care habits that hinder you to have a beautiful skin. Learn about the 10 bad skin habits to kick and check out if you have any of these habits.

1. Not using sunscreens

You should never leave your skin exposed to direct sunlight. This would not only cause tanning, but in the long run, it might also be a cause of cancer. Hence, be aware and always use a good quality sunscreen. You can also avail natural Bronzers from the natural health care stores.

2. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliation is known to remove dead skin cells so that the skin can glow. But, a very few people are aware that over-exfoliating the skin might lead to allergic reactions. Hence, never exfoliate your skin more than two times a week.

3. Wearing makeup while sleeping

Most of the people come tired from a party and either forget to remove their makeup or they think that it would not have any serious effect, so let’s sleep and why worry. But, you might have to worry later on when your skin catches allergic reaction.

4. Biting the lips

This might seem ridiculous to read, but some people have the habit of biting their lips and this is related to skin! Not only this would dehydrate the lips, the entire face skin would be affected by it.

Bad Skin Habits to Kick in the New Year

5. Not throwing away old makeup brushes

Now this is a fact! If you don’t throw away those old worn out makeup brushes, you would use them some time or the other. This would lead to skin infection as bacteria might have built up in the brush.

6. Neglecting neck skin

Some people apply the face pack or the cleanser only on the face, thinking that the face is the only part of the body which would be more visible, but they forget that neck is equally important. Over the time, there might be some difference between the skin of the neck and the face, which would not look good.

7. Squeezing acne and pimples

The best way to make acne worse and to further infect the skin is to squeeze the pimples on your face. So, if you don’t want that to happen, clear them using acne gel or contact a doctor.

8. Applying too much cream

If you think that applying too much face wash would clean your face better or applying too much cream would keep it oily for a longer period of time, you are wrong. This would only deteriorate your skin.

9. Using very hot water for bathing

Hot water bath feels great, especially during chilly weather. But, ever thought how much effect this would have on your skin? They might make the skin extremely dry; hence use only lukewarm water for bathing.

10. Not changing pillowcases

Your bed sheet and pillowcase would certainly absorb the moisture from your skin when you sleep on it. Hence, change them often so that bacteria do not stick to your skin. And, do not forget to keep in mind these 10 bad skin habits to kick so that you can get awesome skin.

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