10 Skin Care Tips for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

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There has hardly been any phase in life as good as being on the family way. Carrying someone and then nursing your little one is just an amazing feeling. The first thought that comes to a mom-to-be is what should be consumed and what must be shirked as future mommies think that only what they eat goes directly to their babies. Yes, this is true. Now go a step further- what you apply to your skin, too, gets penetrated into your growing system and can affect your baby. Here are the 10 skin care tips for pregnant & nursing mothers.


1. Shun Salicylic Acid

Used to address acne and anti-aging skin disorders, salicylic acid helps cleanse pores and exfoliate the derma. However, when used in high doses, it leads to birth defects with pregnancy complications. Beta hydroxy acids or BHA indicating salicylic acid should be eschewed instantly.

2. Stretch Marks

These inevitable inscriptions mark the waxing of the ever-growing love inside you. But the unusual stretching leads to rupture of collagen and elastin in the skin’s support structure. Applying non-fragrant plant oil in pregnancy makes your skin more elastic, reducing the sharpening stretch marks.

3. Acne, Oil-prone Skin

The skin of every mom-to-be reacts differently. Some develop a vibrant glow while others may develop oily and acne-prone skin. Rosemary is a naturally purifying, antimicrobial agent which keeps the skin bacteria-free.

4. Make-up is Ok

When wearing makeup, go for non-comedogenic products to escape clogging the pores which can potentially cause breakouts. Using mild cleansers daily to eliminate excess oil will also prevent breakouts.

5. Freshen Up Swollen Feet

The bulging belly is bound to get your feet tired and swollen. Moisturizing and massaging them with a refreshing foot cream or gel that has cooling ingredients like eucalyptus, menthol, or peppermint oil will ensure good foot care.

6. Censor Chemical Fragrances

Artificial fragrances contain plasticizing chemicals- phthalates, which when added to perfumes get them to stick to skin. Birth defects and disruption of endocrine system are possible outcomes. Rather, a drop of pure essential oils will work the same wonders.

7. Ditch the Dye

Hair dye comprises a mix of carcinogenic ingredients. These dyes settle on the scalp for long enough time to get absorbed through our skin. High exposure to these chemicals affects the reproductive growth. Better shun dyes when pregnant.

8. Refrain from Retinols

Though retinols are great anti-aging mediators, high vitamin A doses are known to harm the unborn child. So avoid cosmetics having retinol. Another oral retinol – Isotretinoin – found in Accutane, that cures acne, also roots for birth defects.

9. Rid Yourself of Unwanted Hair

A spurt in hormones ushers in a jungle of hair growth, armpits and private parts just not spared. Keeping yourself hygienic is of utmost importance. Use hair removers that have a topical effect and not get absorbed into the blood stream. If your skin gets extra sensitive in pregnancy, then apply it on a small patch of skin to first try it out.

10. Nurture the Nipples

A common problem with nursing mothers is sore nipples. After every feeding clean the sore nipples with water. Soaps remove natural oils, shun them! You may coat the nipple with some breast milk post the feeding session. Loose clothing, nursing pads and air exposure keep the nipples dry.

In the process of taking care of your baby, you are bound to neglect yourself a bit. But your baby’s wellness is conjoined to yours. So, try and get enough sleep and increase your fluid intake so that you moisturize yourself internally as well. A relaxed and happy you is sure to reflect on your skin and enhance your baby glow.

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